Self Hypnosis As You Read: 42 Life-Changing Scripts!

Self Hypnosis As You Read: 42 Life-Changing Scripts!

“Let Go of the Baby Weight,” “Get Over Your Ex,” “Relieve Social Anxiety,” “Manifest a New Job,” “Save More Money,” “Eat Less Chocolate” — these are a few of the 42 life changing scripts in Self Hypnosis As You Read. This easy to use method brings you into a hypnotic state and improves your life without ever putting down the book. And you remain aware at all times and gently come back to everyday consciousness. No memorizing or hour-long sessions needed. Typically, self hypnosis requires script memorizing and takes up to an hour of your valuable time. With Forbes Robbins Blair’s method you put aside a pleasant, effective 15-20 minutes for a few days until you reach your goals. This book of 42 scripts comes at the requests of readers of the best selling book, Instant Self Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open. The scripts in this collection help you to conquer dozens of life’s most challenging problems quickly and easily, including these issues: Drop the Last Ten

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