A Guide to Trance Land: A Practical Handbook of Ericksonian and Solution-Oriented Hypnosis

A friendly and brief guide to the essentials of hypnosis.

Popular author Bill O’Hanlon offers an inviting and reassuring guide to the essentials of hypnosis, alleviating the newcomer’s anxieties about how to make the most of this clinical tool. This brief book illustrates the benefits of solution-oriented hypnosis, which draws on the work of the pioneering therapist Milton Erickson (with whom O’Hanlon studied) and emphasizes doing what is needed to get results—which, more often than not, means trusting that the client holds within him- or herself answers or knowledge that need only be tapped or released by the therapist. O’Hanlon covers the key aspects of hypnosis, including: using possibility words and phrases; using passive language; and inducing trance. O’Hanlon offers practical tips and friendly encouragement for the novice hypnotherapist—in his characteristic warm, reassuring, and humorous style.

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3 comments for “A Guide to Trance Land: A Practical Handbook of Ericksonian and Solution-Oriented Hypnosis

  1. M. Addison "- C.Ht, C.NLPt & Graphologist"
    October 5, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    A must have for your Hypnotheraputic Toolbox! This little book is packed with very easy to understand hypnotheraputic methods that make session work a breeze! The biggest fear that new hypnotist and hypnotherapist have is the resistance they receive from their clients. This little book explains in clear examples how to overcome such resistance without mentally arm wrestling your client. This is a must for your hypnotheraputic toolbox in my opinion!

  2. Midwest Book Review
    October 5, 2012 at 5:51 PM

    Offers a brief, easy introduction to permissive, solution-oriented hypnosis Bill O’Hanlon’s A GUIDE TO TRANCE LAND offers a brief, easy introduction to permissive, solution-oriented hypnosis and comes from a renowned therapist and speaker who uses his training to provide therapists with guidelines to using solution-oriented hypnosis. From emphasizing through voice volume to creating rhythm in altered states, A GUIDE TO TRANCE LAND is a fine addition to any health library.

  3. Bridget McKenna
    October 5, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Made Elegant There are a lot of really good books on the subject of Ericksonian hypnotherapy–thousands of pages and millions of words. Now here comes Bill O’Hanlon with a deceptively slender volume of the very best, very most important, very most powerful things every hypnotist should know to do this stuff elegantly and well. It would be hard to overestimate how much value this book contains per page, or how valuable it could be if gotten into enough hands–especially those of the direct-suggestion hypnosis school. A Guide to Trance Land is a marvel.

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