Aerophobia – How To Cure Fear Of Flying With Hypnosis & Nlp

Have you ever been afraid of boarding a plane? If so, you are not alone. The fear of flying, called Aerophobia, is among the most common phobias that people experience. This phobia can be a devastating, overwhelming feeling. It can even keep you from conducting business; traveling to new places, or visiting loved ones. Beating such a phobia used to take years of treatment, but today there are hypnosis and NLP techniques to treat phobias for rapid, life-enhancing results.

Do you wonder exactly what defines a phobia? All phobias are categorized as a type of anxiety disorder, and many who have them often suffer from panic attacks and other symptoms such as shakiness, physical illness, or an increased heart rate. Many sufferers complain of feeling nauseous or losing their self-control, and organize their lives around their phobia to try to evade their fears.

For sufferers with a fear of flying, even the mere thought of boarding a plane can cause symptoms of an anxiety attack. Other sufferers might feel only a little uneasy while on the ground, but suffer panic attacks once the aircraft takes off.

Imagine a case in which a woman suffering from Aerophobia is seated on an airplane before departure. She starts to feel nervous and her heart starts to race. She knows it is safe to fly, but she is afraid nonetheless. When the plane is off the ground, she is powerless to do anything but sob uncontrollably, and continues to cry throughout the flight until she can finally get off the plane. As extreme as this sounds, this sort of response is shared by a surprisingly high number of people.

All phobias are marked by extreme, irrational fear. Those with Aerophobia are afraid of flying even when they realize that flying is really a very safe form of travel. They may feel embarrassed when they respond with crying, trembling, or having an anxiety attack, but feel powerless to restrain themselves. For many, this fear of losing control is as daunting as the fear of flying itself.

In actuality, people with phobias cannot control their response because their fears are based at an unconscious level, which no amount of conscious effort or willpower can change. This is where hypnosis is effective. Ericksonian hypnosis therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques work at the unconscious level of the mind to effectively eliminate phobias.

An excellent hypnosis therapy program for eliminating a phobia contains several comprehensive steps. Step one uses hypnotherapy for stress-relief, dispelling worries and anxieties. Once a person is relaxed and stress-free, hypnosis therapy forms new thoughts in the unconscious mind to extinguish the phobia. NLP itself treats fears by exclusively pinpointing the thought process that results in a phobia.

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, which uses direct post-hypnotic suggestions, Ericksonian hypnotherapy uses indirect suggestions in discussion to convince the unconscious mind to follow a new, more reasonable train of thought. It works better than conventional hypnotherapy because people tend to ignore simple post-hypnotic suggestions, but find it harder to reject indirect suggestions that are concealed in fascinating metaphors and stories.

The specialized wording of post-hypnotic suggestions in traditional hypnosis means that many conventional hypnotherapy programs will only work against a single phobia. A note-worthy feature of an Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP program is that it is not specific to a single phobia and will work on any phobia, in any individual. It will work for most people because the system is made up of multiple unique hypnotherapy techniques assembled for maximum effectiveness.

The most effective phobia busting NLP technique that I use is called the Visual – Kinesthetic Disassociation. The V/K is often known as the “one session phobia cure,” because of its remarkable effectiveness!

The Ericksonian hypnotherapy and NLP program is perfect for the independent thinker who wishes to beat an irrational phobia permanently. People can follow the step-by-step process at their own individual pace, but are frequently delighted at the ease with which they finish the process and fight their phobia. The results people achieve with hypnotherapy often seem simply phenomenal.

Hypnosis therapy and NLP are phenomenal tools for many struggling with phobias. Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP have helped countless people fight their fears. The techniques are perfect for helping individuals who are afraid of flying to take pleasure in flying and all of its benefits. For a long time, hypnosis has been used to enhance lives worldwide, and eliminating phobias is just one of the ways in which it helps people.

Original Author: Alan B. Densky, CH Full Bio

Alan B. Densky, CH has been eliminating phobias using Hypnosis since 1978. He offers phobia treatment hypnosis and NLP CDs plus a broad range of Self-Hypnosis CDs for stress & depression related symptoms. Visit his website for free hypnosis downloads.

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