be wonderful! How to Be Emotionally Successful with Applied NLP: A Hypnotic Journey with Tom Oberbichler

Maybe you have heard about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) before? Manipulation, agressive sales tactics, politics …? What is really behind NLP? Here you find insights in and views of your world in short hypnotic stories. Many people had the belief that they were at the mercy of external influences, other people that something or somebody else was making their own feelings and were so controlling their lives. Everybody who is not satisfied anymore with such a view of the world and his or her life, who is prepared for easy and direct solutions, which work fast and can be put into practice easily, have found the right book, as have those people who want to become such a person. You find these solutions in the individual stories, which express at the same time my view of the world and my personal experience and development in it. So this book is a result of my manifold encounters with life is learning is life. be wonderful! How to Be Emotionally Successful with Applied NLP is an invitation to accept challenges and to use them for your self-improvement, to learn new things each and every day and the earth also is spinning round its own axis and the sun. Life is change is life – that is the only constant in the universe I wish you lots of fun and joy in discovering and re-discovering of your personal skills, abilities and strenghts and I am delighted that you find and fulfill more of your true potential, day after day. All texts are self-contained and ope for each other, by building upon each other. You are free to read them separately and they unfurl their full positve effects, when you enjyou them one after the other and let yourself be guided from the hypnotic language patterns and liberties through he journey to being emotionally successful. Enjoy the relaxed, relaxing moments, which you are entering while and with reading be wonderful! How to Be Emotionally Successful with Applied NLP Everybody is entitled to a wonderful life, because she or he has been born! Go out and get it now! be wonderful! Tom Oberbichler

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3 comments for “be wonderful! How to Be Emotionally Successful with Applied NLP: A Hypnotic Journey with Tom Oberbichler

  1. Ruan Oosthuizen
    June 4, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    “Life is change is life” – a true gem to live by… How to be emotionally successful, how to make the right decisions and choose to be wonderful – this accompanying life-guide I’d like to call it, clearly is the success strategy and lifestyle secret by which the author, Tom Oberbichler, lives.The author of the foreword mentioned that he wanted to find out why Tom is always smiling so easily, how he manages to look happy from within all the time and then assures you that after reading this book, you’ll understand exactly what the answers to each of those often-asked questions are. He didn’t just say that for the sake of being awarded the role to write the foreword. He sure meant every single word he said.I have to admit that I have not finished the book yet. I’m about half-way through and the reason why I decided to leave my review on it before I was completely done reading it is this: if I had left a review on my thoughts after I have read every single word of Tom’s book “be wonderful: How to be emotionally successful by applied NLP”, I know for certain my review would have been the only thing one would have seen when you get to the sales page of the book. People would have thought it’s the only review on the book simply because I feel I can write essays (maybe even a book on its own) about what I am experiencing this book is doing for me.This book is not one of those books I feel like picking up, read it and put it away never to be reflected upon for years and years to come. No, instead I want to take each section of this book, not even day-by-day but more in the range of month-by-month and put these techniques into practice in my own life.At the end of this publication Tom mentions that this is a life-long journey of change and practice which, if I recall correctly, quoted as “life is change is life”, is a true life companion through every emotional and psychological aspect in life, ranging from decision making, fears and phobias, feelings, beliefs, tensions and many more.This book will change the way you think about things. It presents you with two choices: the way in which you used to think, which gave you the same dead-end results over and over, and finally a way to think that eliminates any and all limitations our old way of thinking resulted in.Need to change your life for the better? Need help and ARE you willing to take the action required to get different results? Read this book and apply these strategies; it won’t disappoint= and you will be wonderful!

  2. Nancy Hendrickson "Nancy"
    June 5, 2013 at 3:50 AM

    Well Worth the Read I knew a little about NLP before reading this book; by the time I was done I felt like I had a much better understanding (and appreciation) of the technique. While the philosophy or science of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) may sound “out there” to a lot of people, it’s a well-established technique for achieving emotional balance. The book is filled with simple solutions to difficult problems and situations; in short it gives readers a road map to get back to our real selves.

  3. Dee Ankary
    June 5, 2013 at 3:59 AM

    Uplifting Nice read to dip into, especially when feeling uninspired, just blah or even downright unhappy.I’m a big fan of NLP, but sometimes the information can be presented in a way that’s off-putting or complicated. Tom has done a good job of addressing specific scenarios and steps to deal with him for a happier you.I jumped around, going straight to the chapters that I felt were most relevant, then jumped back and enjoyed the rest.A feel-good read.

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