Be Your Better Self: A Hands on Approach to Become Who You Always Wanted to Be

This book is filled with powerful metaphors and practical information in order to give you the “know how” of living a more rewarding life. By working through the material, you’ll soon have the personal power and strategies to build your own desired reality when you learn:

• To understand the background of your life

• Why do you reject certain behaviors and accept others

• How to understand the difference between positive motivation and negative motivation—and the important role they each play in your life

• How to become motivated in your work place and in your personal life

• Understand how our personal beliefs can limit you or help you create new resources

• How to deal with limiting beliefs that sabotage your desired state

• How to understand and manage inputs that generate your personal transformation

• How to install new, desired habits

• How to stay loyal to your integrity

Take control of your life now and Become Your Better Self today!

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3 comments for “Be Your Better Self: A Hands on Approach to Become Who You Always Wanted to Be

  1. Cyrus Webb "Conversations Book Club"
    December 28, 2013 at 7:51 PM

    Sasha Tenodi’s BE YOUR BETTER SELF Is Proof That In Life You Always Have Options I went into reading Sasha Tenodi’s BE YOUR BETTER SELF not really knowing what to expect—and I left it feeling so good about life and what was possible that I had to share it with others.This is not just another book that tells you what you can do. It is a resource that actually guides you through the process with the author as the guide for us to follow. Who would have known that a movie like FIGHT CLUB (which I must admit I have only seen once a couple of years ago on Bravo) could share a tip that would help him as he was experiencing his own crisis and decision-making.The important thing for us is that Sasha uses this book not just to tell his own story but give you the tips needed so you can begin writing your own next chapter of your life. He invites you to ask yourself very important questions, realizing that the answers will determine for us personally what it is we want and then we’ll know how to get there.Important questions to consider are these:What does being successful mean for me? What does being happy mean for me? What does having good relationships mean for me? What does looking good mean for me? What does losing weight mean for me?Sasha then remind us of this important and profound truth: “Words have no meaning until we give them one.”So the question you will ask yourself at the end of reading this book is “What do I really want?” The answer will then be the goal post for us as we move forward.Powerful and practical, BE YOUR BETTER SELF is proof that in life you always have options. You just have to make sure you are willing to take advantage of them.

  2. L. Collins
    December 28, 2013 at 8:20 PM

    A Wonderful Resource for Those Willing to Improve Themselves and Flourish “Be Your Better Self” is a wonderful guide for readers to take charge of their lives and begin to flourish in the best way possible. Mr. Tenodi has a talent for approaching the hard-to-make-happen goal of personal development in a simple, but profound way that allows the reader to get the knowledge, know-how and tools to make the dream a reality with a firm grasp on what works, what doesn’t and just how to make things start happening. The book offers readers a straightforward and easy to understand guide to personal growth and betterment from narrowing in on the behaviors that hinder us to how we can develop new habits that allow us to flourish and grow in an amazing way.What I liked about this book was that it’s not overflowing with vague platitudes or simple commonsense knowledge that everybody has… rather it is an in depth and insightful look at the best and most beneficial things you can do to become the person you want to be and “be your better self”. The book is well written, well-researched and stays easy to understand from the very first page to the last. Overall, it was a smart choice for me to read and gave me a wealth of thoughtful and insightful knowledge that will no doubt prove useful in making my dream of becoming a better person a reality.

  3. Anonymous
    December 28, 2013 at 8:42 PM

    Do you have trouble consistently motivating yourself to achieve your goals? Do you want to be better? Do you want to be successful? Do you want to achieve with integrity? Would you like to have at your disposal a right-to-the-point book about how to fulfill your desires? Sasha Tenodi teaches behavioral and success modeling tools in this easy-to-read, inspiring, and highly motivating book. He shows you how to determine what you want and how to consistently motivate yourself to achieve your desired outcomes in manageable chunks. The book provides plenty of examples from Sasha’s own life and specifically details how to get to where you personally want to be. This is a worthwhile read. So read it, apply it, and you’ll be happily on your way to fulfillment. ~ Fred P. Gallo, PhD, author of Energy Tapping, and Energy Tapping for Trauma

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