Beyond Belief

Embark on a journey of expanded awareness Beyond Belief.

This innovative film explores the power of the subconscious mind and examines how our beliefs create our reality.

Captivating Music! Stunning Images! Dynamic Sound!

Featuring the world s bestselling authors and leaders in science, medicine, psychology, personal transformation, spirituality and creativity, this movie goes beyond The Secret and other self empowerment documentaries by providing tools to transform your life.

Unleash the potential of your creative mind.

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3 comments for “Beyond Belief

  1. Jenna Harrison
    August 13, 2013 at 3:42 AM

    Excellent movie. Packed with valuable insights and tools! I thought the movie had a lot of valuable insights and tools which I was able to use right away. I particularly liked the goal setting part, Julia Cameron’s tools for fostering creativity, as well as Bruce Lipton’s discussion of the subconscious mind, and learning about how my beliefs help determine my perceptions and experiences. It had a wide variety of excellent authors, scientists, success coaches and personal transformation leaders. I thought the images and music were really good as well.

  2. Metaphysical Student/Teacher
    August 13, 2013 at 8:52 AM

    Must Have DVD for Any LOA student of Life This DVD is a MUST HAVE for any, and every, student involved in or working with the Law of Attraction. As the cover material makes clear, “Beyond Belief” takes up where “The Secret” left off.Most people do not get the results they are looking for when using the LOA. There is a reason why, and that reason can be found in this DVD.Great music….great graphics….a GREAT panel of speakers.Do yourself a favor. Buy this video if you finally want to learn why the results you have been looking for have eluded you for so long.

  3. Wyatt Gale
    August 13, 2013 at 9:11 AM

    Good Content Amateurish Presentation The content of the movie was good, most of which I have heard/seen before, but the format of the presentation was horrible and amateurish. Formulaic power point & music “title” interludes happened with way to much frequency, were overbearing, overly dramatic and redundant to a point of distraction. Many of the experts that spoke, in a sort of rolling interview style, had great content. In particular, I enjoyed Julia Cameron’s suggestions in the Tools section. The segments with Dr. Tad James and Dr. Adriana James could have been an SNL skit (audience members were laughing out loud, though nothing being said was intended to be humorous). If this movie is a first exposure to Quantum Physics, NLP, etc concepts it might be hard to grasp the content from this presentation of the material.While the intention of the film is to communicate how Quantum Physics, NLP, etc can help you enhance your life so that you get the life you want, the focus examples are on obtaining the material things & status like money, cars, houses, bodies, partners and travel. I personally am much more interested in obtaining inner peace and a joyful life regardless of whether or not those material/status things come to me.All in all there is nothing new here, no interesting or different perspective, insight or presentation of the material. If you have already seen The Secret and/or What the Bleep don’t waste your time or your money on this film. If you haven’t previously been been exposed to these concepts, don’t start here.

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