CUT THE CRAP – lose weight fast without dieting, hypnosis OR motivation! (weight loss books)

Richard Shaw tried virtually every weight-loss system out there. He spent years counting calories, measuring portions; “working off” his guilt in the gym. Occasionally he even lost a bit of weight. But, looking back at his personal photos taken over the past decade, he realised that he never really looked much slimmer year-to-year. In fact, he looked drained. He felt cheated – and hopeless.

However, in trying to work out where he went wrong, he actually discovered where he’d been right! Through trial and error – as well as exhaustive research – he compiled a list of the most effective weight-loss techniques he’d tried over the years. Next, he narrowed them down to a shortlist of the 50 most pain-free. Finally, he tried them.

He laughed. He cried. He couldn’t believe how easy it could be! Liberated from the counter-productive rules and restrictions of “diets”, the man that used to buy his jogging bottoms from “plus size” catalogues now wears skinny jeans! And here, in this hilarious book, he cuts all of the crap peddled by diet gurus and lifts the veil on some of the easiest and most powerful weight-loss secrets known to man!

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3 comments for “CUT THE CRAP – lose weight fast without dieting, hypnosis OR motivation! (weight loss books)

  1. Patricia D. Hill
    June 20, 2013 at 5:50 PM

    Well worth the money. This is a book of 52 tips for losing weight. Each tip is numbered and web sites related to that tip are at the end of the book. Even though I am a professional grade dieter I found some useful tips I had never heard of before. I thought it was well worth the money. He also writes in a breezy humorous style which makes the book an entertaining quick read. I appreciated that he has a list of the tips at the beginning of the book so you can see all the tips before you buy. I also appreciated that he cut right to the chase and listed the tips briefly and clearly. Bravo!

  2. CycosFireball
    June 20, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    Richard Shaw…. …. I.. love you ! lol, No really, I do.I have struggled with my weight, well, all my life. This book is a GEM, a secret buddy to all your prayers. ( I want to cuddle my kindle, because this book is in it). some of the tips, I was already aware of, but most left me saying ” No way, no way, oh wow, no way” as I read on. I love this book, it’s informative, funny and it will make you realize, that, you too can lose the bulge.. this is not some miracle ( well yes it is) that has you keep shoveling in the candy and chips and losing 5 Stone per week, sitting on the couch, BUT the tips in here are so easy, even you, yeah you, fat couch potato, you can do this !Take cooler showers, eat cinnamon and garlic… just a few, YOU can do this.I think anyone can benefit from reading this little book, even people that are skinny already, cause most of these tips are not just for fat people, but healthier than other habits.It’s written in a way anyone can have fun with, not just some dry, money making scheme, that you quit reading, after page 3.Thank you sooooo, so much for writing this book.

  3. Dakota
    June 20, 2013 at 6:15 PM

    Great Little Book I really liked this little book, it has lots of ideas in it to try out and you don’t have to do all of them to lose weight. The book is also intertaining because the author has a good sense of humor. All of the ideas are tested and you certainly can’t beat the price. I will most certainly be trying some of the food ideas in the book thanks for all the great information!!

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