Enhancing Communication for Business Leaders Part 5 – Motivating Others

This book – part five of the seven-part Enhancing Communication for Business Leaders series covers motivating others.

The books in this series are simple, practical workbooks with actionable exercises designed for you to easily take what you are leaning and apply these skills to the workplace to enhance you communication with others.

Some people are naturally good at motivating others, but for most of us, this is an important leadership skill that we learn.

Often in business, people get promoted to a position of leadership because they are fantastic at the specific job they did before that promotion. They get put in ‘charge’ of a team and are sent off to ‘lead’ others without having any training in people management.

They become frustrated when others don’t respond to their own motivational style, and often you will hear them say “John (you add your own name here) is just not motivated!”

It is not true that people are ‘just not motivated’; it is the responsibility of a leader to find out what words people need to hear to become motivated, and to communicate to using that person’s motivational words back to them.

This book covers six different motivational styles, how to recognise them and how to match the language of these styles to motivate others.

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