Forbidden Addiction Patterns – NLP Volume 1

“What if exploring the addict’s mental patterns revealed the secrets of award winning performance, eliminated hesitation and gave you effortless results?”

Imagine learning the secret steps that ELIMINATE HESITATION, invisibly create addiction, and THEN using those secret steps in sales, seduction and persuasion.

That was NOT the original purpose of this series of workshops by John Wingert, but when we began viewing the original video footage, something suddenly occurred to us.

“In the wrong hands The Forbidden Addiction Patterns could be devastating.”

So we persuaded the Doc, we begged him to re-release his “Forbidden Addiction Patterning” crash courses to the general public, knowing that the results would speak for themselves.

“Imagine NEVER Hesitating Again!”

Life is about results, and results come from you taking focused immediate action. You know may think you know this already, so why aren’t you doing it?

“Junkies don’t hesitate, they take immediate action!”

Professional athletes too take immediate action and experience the best! And for some reason you don’t. Isn’t it about time you get what they’ve got?

When my dear friend John Wingert, The Weird Obtuse NLP Guru, took his NLP expertise and took apart the minds of addicts when he was only trying to help his cousin get his life back together in 2003. What he discovered SHOCKED EVEN HIM!

These original recordings from the Forbidden Addiction Patterns Project can be yours TODAY.

“They contain the master keys to creating addiction, eliminating hesitation, and getting your life in motion!!”

Results – are what matter most to John Wingert. So he’s allowed us to re-release, for a limited time, this classic video set, so you can get to know the man, and discover exactly why he’s earned the reputation that he has.

You’ll see, that addiction is not a disease, you’ll learn that ANYONE CAN LEARN HOW to get one, or create one almost instantly. He even demonstrates how to form the addiction MIND SET, in a way that’s chilling.

“Remember Action Creates Results”

How many ways would YOUR life be transformed if you quit hesitating and could take EFFORTLESS ACTION NOW?

Originally he created Forbidden Addiction Patterns so that addicts can learn the truth about how their minds are patterned, which is what makes them have the “have to get this now” behavior. But the forbidden sales and MOTIVATION applications are intriguing, and they could change your life too.

Getting good as gold Results REAL solid gold nuggets
The Doc wants to help. He wants to help you overcome and eliminate all hesitation. He want’s to help addicts live a normal life again. He wants people to GET HOW EASY living a good life can be.

So what’s the catch?

We’ve acquired the Exclusive rights to this special release of the Doc’s, and you won’t find the complete set anywhere else, because resale is prohibited. And the Doc himself enforces his copyrights.

You will learn first hand – live – how the doc uses his NLP skills, you’ll learn the way the doc anchors, and learn how the doc induces addictions, and the method he uses to release them, so you can take action, by him weaving them into his talk and demonstration.

“Stop HESITATING Buckwheat!”

There is a reason why he doesn’t show this step by step, instead he weaves what he has discovered this into the raw footage, like the master storyteller that he is.

“Don’t make the BIG MISTAKE! “


LIFE does not work that way. I case you haven’t noticed, ADDICTS DON’T THINK STEP BY STEP, they just DO! (This is also the secret of the true expert in sales, sports and in life.)

If you learned EVERYTHING – STEP BY STEP, like many wannabes teach, then… you would be trying to “make the steps work” instead of just letting them just happen.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

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2 comments for “Forbidden Addiction Patterns – NLP Volume 1

  1. Anonymous
    December 7, 2013 at 10:41 PM

    I am an NLP practitioner and I was looking for new information on dealing with addiction and this video seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I haved to admit that when I first started watching it I wasn’t impressed at all. The presenter (Mr. Wingert)seemed to talk too much about unrelated issues and didn’t focus on techniques, patterns and strategies. As time went on, though, he mentioned that the viewer would pick up more and more information as they watched the video repeatedly. At that moment I realized what was going on. Even though it appeared as though he wasn’t really teaching much about how to handle addiction he was actually using advanced language patterns and hypnotic techniques to implant the information subconsciously. In fact, he even comes right out and says that if you learn this material consciously it won’t make much sense. With this new understanding I watched the video a few times and, sure enough, found myself learning more and more each time I watched it. Kudos to Mr. Wingert for crafting such an effectively covert instructional video!

  2. Anonymous
    December 7, 2013 at 11:05 PM

    This is perhaps the most trance inducing video I have ever gotten my hands on. The 1st time I watched it I didn’t realize what was happening.. in fact, I couldn’t really explain what it was all about after watching it. The 2nd and 3rd time I realized that there was a great deal of unconscious messages being programed. The overt message is quite clear the 2nd time (addicts possess skills that the rest of humanity could learn from) the unconscious messages were what enticed me to watch this about 10 times.John Wingert (Mr. Twenty Twenty) does an incredible job keeping the watcher mesmerized from the 1st minute. If you want to learn about addiction patterns and how they can be used to overcome common problems this will be interesting. If you want to see a master NLP/Hypnosis practitioner accessing the viewers unconscious minds…there isn’t anything else that comes close. This guy seems to be doing some kind of Jedi Mind Trick throughout the whole video.As an addiction treatment professional I have used NLP for a while to help people change states quickly. Always looking to learn I ordered this on a whim and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I started looking around for other stuff by John Wingert and found out that this guy changed his name to Mr. Twenty Twenty. I guess he sees things clearly! Evidently he has a few websites and does coaching and training for various disciplines.This is not so much a training video but rather a very interesting informational and demonstration of how a master uses NLP to reach deep inside and deliver a message to the unconscious mind.

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