Healing is Remembering Who You Are: A Guide for Healing Your Mind, Your Emotions, and Your Life

Healing is Remembering Who You Are is an uplifting book about finding your powerful healing essence within. Practical, inspirational, and easy-to read, you’ll find many specific self-healing processes and hypnotherapy techniques. There are fascinating stories and 22 excellent techniques for actual healing experiences, such as healing food and eating problems, abandonment, unworthiness, intimidation, loneliness, sexual abuse, and other challenges of life. Illustrated edition. Reviews “…a beautiful book…Marilyn Gordon writes of timeless truths…plumbs the depths of your inner being in a way remindful of Gibran. It is for everyone.” Ormond McGill “Dean of American Hypnotists” “…one of the most valuable guides I have read toward the discovery of the authentic self” Dennis Michael Harness PhD in Counseling Psychology “The key to the deepest level of healing is remembering and experiencing who you really are….Marilyn Gordon’s book has revealed this essential truth in a profound way. Gabriel Cousens, MD, Holistic Physician and author of Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet and Seven-Fold Peace “Marilyn is a compassionate and skilled hypnotherapist whose gift of touching people’s lives comes through beautifully in her book…” Bob Oliver, Certified Hypnotherapist More Than Twenty-two Healing Techniques Inside Discovering the Problem • Inducing Trance • The Inner Child • Subpersonalities • Seeing Parents as Children • Asking Guidance for Answers • Paying Attention to Body • Paying Attention to Feelings • Communications You Need to Make • Pulling Out Cords • Outgrowing It • Healing with Touch • Healing with Light • Witness Consciousness • Mind-Body Healing • Golden Ball of Light • Trance Rehearsal • Posthypnotic Suggestions • Techniques for Pain • Experiencing Essence …And more inside the book. About the Newest Revised Edition of the Book This is the revised 2013 edition of an earlier book, released again to share the jewels and gems inside—stories and insights and techniques that would be useful to anyone interested in the profound work of healing your mind, your emotions, and your life.

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3 comments for “Healing is Remembering Who You Are: A Guide for Healing Your Mind, Your Emotions, and Your Life

  1. Donna Lake-Slade
    January 27, 2013 at 7:42 PM

    Extraordinary Healing It is a most beautiful book! Marilyn’s wisdom of Transformation Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is evident on every page. It is a comprehensive book in the area of deep inner healing of the mind, body and spirit. This book touched my heart in a way no other book has. Thank you, Marilyn, for this gift to the world. A must read for all Hypnotherapists.

  2. L. Maupin "drop-dead-books"
    January 28, 2013 at 1:56 AM

    I’D GIVE IT A 6 I may be out of the loop as far as self help books go these days, but this is a book that is a kindred spirit to me. Her book is deeply powerful in it’s simplicity. She goes deep into the core of the human psyche using common everyday words. And yet the tone of the book has a softness to it resembling Goddess Mother cooing the words softly in your ear She tackles such issues as How to find your essence, finding the meaning of healing, sub personalities –and she uses simple techniques. This is the book I was going to write. Now I don”t have to

  3. Anonymous
    January 28, 2013 at 2:22 AM

    Full of helpful tips and suggestions. I’m not through reading it yet, but it will be a reference book in years to come.

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