Healthy Diet and Exercise Hypnosis

Transform your eating and exercise habits. Create a strong desire to choose the right kinds of food. In the first session, Healthy Path you will get to preview two life paths with regard to food choices. You will see what is at the end of each path, the healthy and the unhealthy path. As your subconscious gets a deep wisdom and understanding of these two paths, it will naturally choose the healthy eating path and this will propel you into the proper eating choices. Second session is a thought stopping session. This will break your bad habits for good. You are given an opportunity to dwell on the bad habits, but then the voice shouts stop and you immediately are brought back to thinking about good habits again. This creates a permanent new groove in your brain that will automatically assist you in making proper food choices. Finally, the third session will create in you a great desire to exercise. You’re able to turn up the vibration now in your body, to one that likes to work out. The one that is in alignment with all these benefits; the energy that you’re creating from having a stronger body, a fit body.

Product Features

  • 3 Powerful Full Length Sessions
  • Program your mind to eat right and desire to exercise with hypnosis!
  • Desire to Exercise
  • Hypnosis is a valuable tool for self-empowerment and continuous personal growth
  • Put the power of your mind to work in managing your life

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