How Pleasant Surroundings Enhance Well Being

Does where you live affect health and happiness? Of course it does. Quiet, pleasant surroundings allow people to relax, and that alone can make us feel better.

A friendly, pleasant environment makes people feel safer. That helps them relax, too. Conversely, noisy surroundings have been found to raise blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attacks.

So what does that say about where you should live? Find a place to live that makes you happy. For retired people that often means a safe and beautiful place where amenities are close at hand, family and friends can easily visit, and where there are lots of interesting activities to do with friends new and old.

One of the best examples of that is a place called Devonshire, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Residents of the spacious, elegant apartments there have access not only to a nearby PGA golf course but also to an amazing array of amenities and activities without setting foot outside the attached club. That is Luxury Retirement Senior Living at its best.

People who live there say they easily make new friends with shared interests, and there is always something fun and interesting to do. From card tournament rooms and a billiard and poker parlor to a world-class concert hall and an art studio, there are activities of all kinds contributing to a gracious, deluxe life.

For those who crave quiet and serenity for inner peace, there is even a meditation room. In an atmosphere of security and comfort, it is easier to concentrate as well as to relax. So self-improving activities like meditation and self-hypnosis are easier. Adding to the serenity are the panoramic views of the site’s 26 acres.

Both quiet contemplation and elegant entertaining are a breeze in apartments that range from a spacious one-bedroom at over 900 square feet to the largest two-bedroom at almost 3000 square feet. There are also fine restaurants, meeting rooms, a health club and spa, clinic, beauty salon, library and concierge, plus banking and a convenient shop in the club.

As more and more people learn the value of meditation, self-hypnosis, and hypnotherapy for managing health challenges and emotional issues, the value of pleasant, supportive surroundings becomes increasingly obvious. Where you live does matter—to your happiness and well-being, and therefore to your overall mental and physical health as well.

That’s how a perfectly planned community like Devonshire can help seniors truly enjoy life to the fullest. By reducing stress and enhancing pleasure, a friendly, safe, convenient and gracious community like Devonshire makes life more fun and enhances well being so that people stay physically and socially active and engaged with life.

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