How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD, Learn Hypnosis and Master the powerful secret skills, with Wendi

Wendi will show you how to master the inductions, suggestions, language patterns, suggestibility tests, hypnotic voice training, rules of the mind, post-hypnotic suggestions, compounding suggestions, ideo-motor responses, dream programming, metaphor creation, and more.

This video includes the famous Dave Elman Induction. Excellent for beginners who want to learn many elements of hypnosis.


-Booklet Download, Mastery of Inductions, Eye fixation, Elman induction, Progressive Relaxation, Deepening inductions,Touch deepening techniques, Suggestibility tests, secret techniques, Rules of the mind, Creating expectation

-Ideo-motor questioning and responses, Depth testing for hypnosis, Post hypnotic suggestions, Compounding suggestions for powerful results, Metaphors- how to create and use, Language patterns, Permissive and authoritative hypnosis inductions and suggestions,

-Dream programming, complex problem solving, Anchoring, Re-induction anchors, Emerging techniques,

Reinforce and integration of suggestions during the “coming up”

Product Features

  • Hypnosis training on DVD
  • Wendi’s style and expertise is the best
  • Learn techniques that are explained well
  • Demonstrations and uses of hypnosis

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2 comments for “How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD, Learn Hypnosis and Master the powerful secret skills, with Wendi

  1. Southern Vet "Southern Vet"
    July 18, 2013 at 4:44 AM

    Excellent coverage of the basics This was actually much better than I anticipated. I haven’t dabbled with hypnosis in many years so a refresher on the basics was exactly what I needed. The instructions are a good “how to” with no fluff or filler. I dinged it a star because of the graphics between sections when the music becomes WAY too loud. Otherwise this is the real deal for beginners or those like me who need a good refresher.

  2. Anonymous
    July 18, 2013 at 9:49 AM

    Was a very good DVD. It could have went into a bit more detail along with more examples of how to train your voice. But all in all nothing beats practice and this DVD is a perfect place to start.During the DVD it mentioned there was supposed to be some literature that went along with it. But I’m sure if you ordered it from the actual website it would have.

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