Hypnosis and Weight

This book contains original articles on Hypnosis and Weight Control, as they appeared (with some slight modifications) in my blog and in the Hypnosis Silver Spring Newsletter from 2009 through 2012.

Included are directions for “Finding the Zone,” a blend of self-hypnosis and meditation which you can do by yourself. I recommend taking yourself into The Zone several times per day — when you do, you will find yourself changing in positive, perhaps unexpected ways. There is an article explaining what hypnosis is, In the Weight section, I include two book reviews (FULL-FILLED, by Renee Stephens and THE CORTISOL CONNECTION DIET, by Shawn Talbott, as well as “tips” for eating in restaurants and on vacation.

I have written these articles to be informal, lively, and sometimes irreverent. I hope you enjoy them.

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1 comment for “Hypnosis and Weight

  1. Stephanie Rothman
    January 13, 2013 at 10:38 PM

    Don Knows His Stuff I have been watching Don’s career with great interest since he became a member of my hypnotherapy network. In six short years he has become a shining example of what to do if you’re going to become a hypnotherapist. His credentials are exemplary, and he continues to grow as a practitioner with his new book “Hypnosis and Weight.” Truth be told, this book is a compilation of articles previously written, but they are very good articles. Well written, insightful, witty, and educational, these articles will give the newbie and the experienced hypnotic practitioner a really good overview of how a hypnotherapist can effectively deal with the number one reason why anybody goes to a hypnotherapist – weight control. Good on you, Don, for putting this together.

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