Hypnosis for Dogs

The hottest pet item of the year. Every dog and dog owner on Earth wants this CD. Critics rave that this is the most masterful performance of internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist John Morgan. With John’s guidance, your dog will be happier and so will you. It is the key to making your dog the ideal pet. Longer life, better temperament and much more calm If you are a loving, responsible dog owners, “Hypnosis for Dogs” is a must. It’s safe, fun and effective.

You will have the ultimate control of your pet that you have so dearly wanted. Even if your dog is the best pet in the world, this CD will give you the way to help extend its life.

“Hypnosis for Dogs” has been written about in pet magazines around the world. It has been heralded as a breakthrough in dog training. “Hypnosis for Dogs” is now in its 7th printing. Don’t delay, get it now before the holidays.

Product Features

  • Your dog will live longer and be healthier
  • This CD can end “speration anxiety” if you are away during the day
  • Both you and your dog will learn to relax and calm down
  • A masterful performance by hypnotherapist John Morgan
  • They’re flying off the shelves.

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