Hypnosis for Weight Loss: 7 Techniques to Lose Weight in Just 1 Week!

What You Will Find In This Book?

Did you ever think you could lose weight without having to do strenuous workouts, taking weight loss supplement or simply by staying hungry? These are the most the common ways of losing weight. Apart from these three, can you think of any other way of losing your weight? Well, what if we say that now you don’t have to follow strict gym routines. You don’t even have to kill your appetite or take any weight loss herbs for getting back in shape. There is another even more healthy way for you to lose weight and that even in 7 days.

You must be thinking of it as an exaggeration. Like how could it be possible to lose weight in a week without having to perform any of the traditional weight loss activities? Well, this is absolutely possible! And we will show you how. This book is all about the infamous and highly awaited “The 7-Day Hypnosis Plan” by a hypnosis expert Paul McKenna. From the basic overview, success stories and factual details of the program to the day by day detailed explanation of the hypnosis session, this book tells you all about the McKenna’s extremely popular 7-Day Hypnosis Plan. The book also presents theories and techniques of some other experts that are in conjunction with the McKenna’s hypnosis plan.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly skim through the book and know how “The 7-Day Hypnosis Plan” can help you lose weight in just a week’s time.

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2 comments for “Hypnosis for Weight Loss: 7 Techniques to Lose Weight in Just 1 Week!

  1. D. Rosenstein "Daniel Rockstone"
    July 16, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    hypnosis for weightloss! This book gives some excellent and unique ideas for weight loss that are not typically used. The author gives us hypnosis tactics which are not actually necessarily the very controversial aspects of the practice. The book encourages to rethink the way you feel about bad foods and certain exercises, in essence reprogramming your brain into a healthier mindset. I thought the book was helpful and really addressed some of the core issues as to why people fail at weight loss.

  2. Anonymous
    July 16, 2013 at 5:08 PM

    This short book offers a different approach to many other weightloss programs. While I do believe many of our behaviors is in our mind, eating a balanced diet is important. Hypnosis can help us reach deeper parts of the mind, where sometimes it may be hidden to our conscious mind.

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