Hypnosis – Weight Loss Without Dieting

Susan Hepburn has over 20 years’ experience working with and helping people in the field of hynosis. Her books and programs have helped many individuals, including several high-profile celebrity clients, achieve their goals. Over 96% of Susan’s clients have found her technique successful. Now it is brought to you in this amazing DVD.

Through easy, safe and effective self-hypnosis, Susan’s methods make it possible for you to achieve your targeted size and weight without relying on traditional methods of dieting. These techniques brought to you in this one easy session can bring about lasting changes, whilst producing fantastic results and restoring your confidence within, which enables you to strive to be the slimmer person you have always wanted to be. If you desire to lose weight, this DVD could change your life forever.

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3 comments for “Hypnosis – Weight Loss Without Dieting

  1. Parish Nurse
    October 27, 2013 at 11:40 AM

    Pleasant weight loss I founfd this helpful, relaxing and somewhat successful so far. I wish the actual hypnosis part was longer. There are 5 sections, parts 1-4 being somewhat repetative in describing the program (and using the same video footage over and over). Part 5 has been effective for will power and cravings and improved eating habits (about 10 minutes long). I wish it also included motivation to exercise as the testimonial by some Brittish star on the cover implies.

  2. Michael L. Phelps "INFAMOUS"
    October 27, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    helps I’m a forming D1 jumper and runner who’s metabolism has slowed in my later years. I’m currently finishing up my B.S. in psychology, and hope to become a hypnotherapist. I do find this video very relaxing, even with her accent. It does take some time when listening to any hypnotherapy video to get used to the people who try and make there voices deeper, but it comes off more calming than the guys who just creep me out. I actually enjoyed the information presented her about portions, and felt it necessary for people to understand that part before they can be hypnotized into doing that part. But i can see where someone who already understands this, would be put off. The dvd does allow you to skip the informative part and jump into the hypnosis, but if you don’t have the knowledge of what your trying to do, it will not work, so you need to watch and understand the first part at least once. I do fault the dvd for having such a long start up. every time you put it in, it has a very long intro, that i have yet to be able to skip. So i have to start the dvd well before i want to use it.After watching it just once, i ate less food, because i wanted to. I wanted to watch the video again, and did so. I even hit the gym harder than usual. I wouldn’t say the video “caused” me to perform better, but it did help. after a few days however, i stopped watching the dvd, because of the stupid super long intro. I’m currently attempting to find a way to convert the hypnosis part to mp3 format. I would suggest that others buy the dvd, but use an audio track after that.

  3. Liby
    October 27, 2013 at 12:03 PM

    This is good! I am impressed.1st of all I started about 2 weeks ago listened for a couple days with possitve results.Then stopped just because I didn’t fit it into my busy life.I found my self having that craving to eat crazy at night coming back, But I wasn’t eating junk at work.Something negative happened in my life and I lost it! I had a total eat fest after everyone was in bed.I have listened for 3 days now and what impresses me most is how the program works with the way you are using food to feel good.It is calming, helping you focus on your strengths, abilities as your comfort instead of food.If I don’t loose a ton of weight, I will still love this tape for the calm strength it helps me find within.Liby

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