Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Scripts- The Script Book that Works

***1000s sold for $39 worldwide, now only $9.99***

People around the world love Wendi Friesen’s Hypnotherapy scripts. They are unique, powerful, effective and even more important they are therapy methods that have been tested in her 18 years as a leader in the Hypnotherapy field.

This Weight Loss method has EIGHT full length sessions that help your client release self sabotage, change their setpoint, end cravings, love to exercise and much more. Each script is a session that takes about 30 minutes.
Your clients will love your sessions and you can help them to come back for the full 8 sessions in your office.

Get the Kindle book and you will have them at your fingertips. A wealth of information, training and expertise will be yours instantly. And as a Hypnotherapist, you know you need strategies that work for weight loss. Your clients needs to trust you and experience a powerful change.

You can use these to create a group workshop and share your expertise with them for 8 weeks.

It really is the Change You Love, From the Voice You Trust!

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1 comment for “Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Scripts- The Script Book that Works

  1. Cindy Locher "www.modernmeditationseries....
    May 15, 2013 at 8:56 AM

    Effective and creative I love Wendi’s writing. I like to weave some of her language in and out of my own in client sessions. I find these to be very effective and “to the heart of the matter” rather than superficial suggestions. A good resource.

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