Hypnotherapy with Hypothetical Mindfulness in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are enhanced by hypnotherapy when it is correctly applied. This book recommends that the success of hypnotherapy is determined by the client’s ability to live autonomously without the need to return for more therapy after it is complete. Hypnotherapy is used to assist clients to reduce their anxiety and the accompanying automatic thoughts through a process of mindful breathing. This creates the platform to introduce affirmations and visualisations that contribute toward a new pattern of being. This book is highly unorthodox in its approach and condemns any therapy that offers an unconditional quick fix as a gimmick. The author suggests that the superego can be rewritten through hypnotherapy by introducing a strangely paradoxical approach of authoritatively creating a ‘condition of worth’ that demand ‘unconditional positive self-regard’ to counteract negative introjects. Self actualisation is the goal of the Hypothetical mindfulness approach, which contributes toward a state of congruence. A highly unorthodox perspective; approaching hypnotherapy with meditation, psychodynamic and humanistic perspectives.

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