Infinite Wealth Through the Law of Attraction Hypnosis CD — Billionaire Inspired

The Infinite Wealth hypnosis CD is performed by Alex Armani, CHT. The Infinite Wealth session was designed as a result of an encounter with a billionaire. Millionaires are all around you, but there are relatively few billionaires. While having a dinner prepared by his personal team of chefs at the billionaire’s house, the billionaire shared an intimate visualization sequence that had freed his subconscious mind from all preconceived limits and allowed him to achieve the breakthrough of his life… billionaire status.

Alex Armani quickly adapted this sequence and created the Infinite Wealth session. It has the longest induction of any Instant Breakthrough session and features deliberate sound effects that serve a hypnotic purpose.

Through repeated use of this session you will destroy limited thinking and the session itself will become more powerful and integrated into your subconscious mind. The only limits upon you are those you’ve placed there yourself or that you’ve allowed others to put on you. This session systematically breaks them down and causes you to realize one thing… you have no need to make money, you already possess infinite wealth and riches beyond your furthest expectations. Prolonged use will allow your subconscious mind to become a wealth magnet, not dissimilar to the billionaire who inspired this session.

When you step into this session, it’s as though you’re stepping into a magical world full of wonder. You’re actually entering a state of hypnosis that will help unleash your full potential.

The Instant Breakthrough series by Alex Armani features a dual suggestion format. This means you will enjoy two sets of suggestions running simultaneously. This allows you to benefit in several ways including increased effectiveness, quicker results, and enhanced pleasure. Listening to this session with headphones is recommended to take full advantage of the dual suggestion format.

Product Features

  • Moves you beyond the need to “make money” because you draw it from within
  • Features a dual suggestion format for quick and dramatic results
  • Uses post hypnotic suggestions so the session continues to influence your mind well after listening
  • Extremely potent suggestions that automatically implant themselves into your subconscious mind
  • Removes mental barriers to success allowing you to achieve lasting financial freedom

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3 comments for “Infinite Wealth Through the Law of Attraction Hypnosis CD — Billionaire Inspired

  1. Douglas A. Gervasi "a.k.a. D. A. Metrov"
    July 18, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    Profound and Ageless Wisdom The first time I heard the opening line from this CD, “Welcome,” I immediately thought, OMG, what have I bought? The sound and tone of Alex’s voice was at first weird and off-putting. But I stuck with it. I listened all the way through, which is difficult, because it’s so relaxing, I usually fall asleep… which, according to most hypnotists, is all right. At any rate, the more I listen to this beautiful CD, the more I hear things I somehow missed on previous listenings. As if more and more keeps magically appearing on the tracks. I swear I have no idea who Alex Armani is, but it’s easy for me to imagine he is some sort of benevolent genie whose only mission is to help people be the most they can be and get the most they can get out of life. And “most” is in the mind of the beholder — the limit is infinity. I highly recommend this CD. Not only is it filled with the most profound kind of spiritual guidance, I believe it is very effective in programming the subconscious mind to attract wealth. We live in a mysterious universe. Far more mysterious than most of us ever stop to realize. I don’t know, nor will I ever know, exactly how it all works. But this CD has helped, and is continuing to help me come a long way. And what’s most interesting, after many weeks of dedicated, daily listening, the most remarkably fortunate events are beginning to happen in my life. I plan to keep listening daily for a long time to come.

  2. Anonymous
    July 18, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    The CD is worth every penny spent on it. It is far from anything I’ve heard till date, on the subject. And yes, I became proactive and started doing things after the 2nd listen itself. Initially the voice on the CD is a little annoying, but you got to stick with it and listen to the Cd till the end. The second time you listen you find that the voice does not annoy as much, as you know that there are brilliant messages on the way, and you get so involved in the messages and the content that you start enjoying the experience. I would say, this CD is a real ‘FIND’ on the subject of wealth creation and I’m SO VERY GLAD that I purchased it. Go for it — you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you will be very happy you did after two – three listens. I must say that Alex is a genius to have conceptualized the brilliant content on the CD as the subject matter on the CD speaks volumes about the genius mind of Alex ! Brilliant product.

  3. Anonymous
    July 18, 2013 at 10:16 AM

    I’ve listened to many CDs over the yrs and I found this to be the best I’ve heard. After just 1 week of listening, I actually started dreaming that I was receiving the things I wanted which shows me the subliminal messages are actually working on my sub conscious . Highly recommend

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