Insomnia Relief Hypnosis CD Program

This program is for those that need support in overcoming worries and concerns that cause difficulty sleeping. Listening to a hypnosis audio session can bring temporary relief, but to transform your old subconscious behaviors, you need a powerful tool for success. I have spent the last 18 years developing an approach that not only offers positive suggestions to improve your ability to relax, but more importantly to bring about deep transformation. It is designed to overcome the old, resistant beliefs and behaviors of your subconscious mind so that you naturally become your true, authentic self. The “you” without the self sabotage, without the limiting beliefs and behaviors. It is the “you” you wish to be. To sleep deeply and naturally throughout the night, awakening each morning refreshed and revitalized for the day.
The negative subconscious mind controls you through habits of behavior. It feels that you need to worry, to be concerned about so many issues. It doesn’t trust your ability to resolve your concerns as they arise, so it endlessly worries about them.
Our process is designed to address all this. To teach you how to inhabit the emotionally healthier levels of your mind and naturally feel alive, positive and optimistic. Live in the present moment. Transform your habits, worries and fears. To awaken refreshed and revitalized. Listening to your hypnosis sessions help you create a subconscious mind filled with positive beliefs and behaviors. Allow your true, authentic self to come forth. It’s not magic or mysticism, it simply grows day by day as you naturally make better choices. Be consistent and positive changes manifest into your daily life. So if you want true transformation, real change, allow the process to create a healthier life. And from this new state of mind, everything is possible, including healthy sleep and relaxation.

Product Features

  • Insomnia release hypnosis program
  • 6 Complete hypnosis sessions, 3 Wake Up Sessions
  • 3 Bonus audio sessions – Optimistic Thinking, Expect Success Motivational Process, Feeling Great
  • 1 video guiding you through the entire program
  • MP3 Version for free when you order the CD Program!

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