Intention – Hypnotherapy to Deeply Create the Intention You Want


Hypnotherapy to deeply create the intention you want

Have you ever said to yourself, “I had great intentions”?

Have you realized that your intentions, no matter how good they might be, fall short?

With this program you will get to look at and feel your intention to create what you want, and how that has affected you, disappointed you, or left you feeling that you didn’t succeed.


If you go beyond your intention, to results, you can experience the success. No more good intentions. You can use this technique to get results.

I am sure you will enjoy this. The first session is the Introduction.
You will then apply it to:

Health –
Your desire to exercise
The foods you eat
The need to lose weight
Taking care of your mind body health

Power and Influence –
Your desire to succeed
Get a new job
Start your business
Make new contacts

Love and Relationships –
Desire to improve your marriage or relationship
Your needs for better sex
A desire to end a destructive relationship
Your desire to find and keep a loving relationship

Product Features

  • Wendi Friesen
  • Hypnosis
  • Intention
  • Success
  • Love

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