Learn to Assert Yourself! Subliminal CD

This is a subliminal product with hundreds of positive affirmations recorded onto one relaxing CD. Although the words aren’t audible, they are there and they are powerful! The affirmations are masked by beautiful music and soothing ocean waves. Meanwhile, as you focus on something else, or just while relaxing, the subliminal affirmations take hold in your subconscious mind. The affirmations are powerful and designed to bring about safe, healthy and permanent changes in your life. With so many subliminal products on the market, be cautious to purchase only REAL subliminal recordings with NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) affirmations. Proper production, recording, scripting, and duplication are vital in creating such a powerful product. Use only the BEST! Trust Mind Design technology and expertise.

Product Features

  • You have the right, and even a responsibility, to assert your rights! If not, you will only be half alive–passive, inhibited and submitting, even suffering such complaints as headaches, stomach disturbances, general fatigue, rashes, and so on. When you are not assertive, it is difficult to feel happy with or proud of yourself; in fact, you may even put yourself down in a rather destructive way.
  • Soothing Ocean Waves and Beautiful Synthesizer Music relaxes you while the subliminals take affect.
  • Listen to this CD while relaxing, working, cleaning house, or surfing online!
  • Fast! Safe! Effective!
  • To be assertive is to stand up for yourself and your values and beliefs, and to be able to express your true feelings openly. It is to be able to declare yourself, who you are, what you think and feel. It is an active rather than a passive approach to others, and to life. Assertiveness in communication and social relationships involves openness, honesty, and firmness, all with appropriateness and flexibility. The assertive person is confident in a relaxed way, as well as free and spontaneous in social situations.

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2 comments for “Learn to Assert Yourself! Subliminal CD

  1. S. Williams
    May 18, 2013 at 2:09 PM

    Excellent CD’s I wanted to address the review from the person who complained that there are no words on the CD. There are words but they are imbedded in the music so that you cannot hear them consciously, your brain hears the words in a different way. I have used several of Mind Design’s CD’s & have had great results. I have tried CD’s from other company’s & did not achieve any results from them. With this company the results have been very impressive, the last success is that I quit smoking after 40 years & believe me, I didn’t want to & this along with other assistance techniques did the trick. Also, whenever I start craving cigs again, I listen to the Stop Smoking CD & the cravings go away. These CD’s have really impressed me.

  2. Confident Diva
    May 18, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    Do not buy this CD I did not like this CD at all. It is far from what I expected. Just music no words…I was very disappointed about this CD

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