Lose Fat Fast: Cardio Workout & Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss [VHS]

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3 comments for “Lose Fat Fast: Cardio Workout & Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss [VHS]

  1. Jules F
    December 18, 2013 at 8:49 AM

    Good basic workout I am a fan of Tamilee – and she delivers a good allround basic workout. This DVD would score higher with me if I were a beginner: it delivers a solid, 30 minute aerobic (cardio + strength) workout followed by a 10 minute ab/stetch section. Ideal for the beginner, for whom it’ll be a real challenge. Less ideal for the intermediate or advanced exerciser, which I am (the rest of this is for more experienced exercisers). However, after a 4 month hiatus I am getting back in the swing of things and this is a good programme to do it with. If you really apply yourself, you’ll definitely break a sweat. Think heart rate somewhat lower – in the fat burning zone. Good for days when you want a fast workout or alternatively when you want something not very intense (or for those lazy days but you want to kick the guilt by still doing something).Overall, a good solid basic.

  2. VKC
    December 18, 2013 at 9:10 AM

    Not one of Tamilee’s Best I’m a fan of Tamilee, but this workout is pretty bad. Why does Natural Journeys insist on having their instructors workout in the blazing sun? For those instructors that can squint, they have no choice, and when they use Botox it’s painful to see them try to squint. Poor Tamilee looks sun-burned to top it offBut on to the workout, I believe this is the cardio section of the Defy Gravity set, the workout itself is solid but the editing is not good and therefore the workout is not balanced. The ab section definitely has an editing error as only one side of your obliques are worked.I gave this a 3* for the self hypnosis section of the DVD and the CD, I’ve used the CD for 4 nights now and I’m already noticing a change, the booklet that comes with this is very nice and full of helpful information too.

    December 18, 2013 at 9:16 AM

    Great Low Impact Cardio/Toning Workout Tamilee does a wonderful job cuing this low impact cardio/toning workout. This is a safe on the joints cardio workout. It does have a circuit feel to it. Tamilee will do a cardio segment and then switch to a lower or upper body toning with band segment. The band is effective for toning and was included with the workout. The music is appropriate for the exercises and the scenery is beautiful and relaxing. The workout also includes a self hypnosis CD which contains two 20 minute segments. These are quite relaxing after a hectic day or whenever. The two CD 20 minute segments are also included on the workout DVD where you could watch the beautiful scenery while listening to them. All in all a good workout from Tamilee as always she is very pleasant to workout with.

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