Lose Weight in Theta State: A Script for Hypnotherapists

The script will help your client trance-form her body! It is designed to gently lead her into a medium alpha or even deeper theta state of relaxation. It will help her tap into your inner Healer, talk to her body, let go of old habits of thought and behavior, and anchor new ones that serve her health and happiness. Author, veteran hypnotist and coach and respected leader in the field of hypnosis, Kanta Bosniak made the weight loss journey using the program she developed for herself and she expertly guides the way in this script.

To further engage your client in her weight loss experience, you may wish to suggest that she listen regularly to the audio version of Lose Weight In Theta State with music by Joshua Bosniak and to read the companion book, Lose Weight in Alpha State: Weight Loss as a Joyous Spiritual Journey by Kanta Bosniak. In it, Bosniak provides practical information, embedded story metaphors, visualizations, and creativity exercises that will deepen and enhance your work together.

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