MORE Instant Self Hypnosis: Hypnotize Yourself As You Read

Lose weight, stop smoking, make surplus money, become more attractive—More Instant Self Hypnosis will help you change and improve your life faster and easier than ever!

From the author of the bestselling Instant Self-Hypnosis comes this long-awaited sequel.

More Instant Self-Hypnosis is even more user-friendly and life-changing than the original. This easy-to-use method allows you to put yourself into a state of hypnosis and use it to improve your life—as you read.

There’s nothing to memorize. You don’t need to record scripts and play them back. You just read to succeed.

With this method, you remain aware and in control at all times, and you can bring yourself back to everyday awareness gently and easily when you’re done.

Whether you want to boost your confidence for that upcoming job interview, relieve that nagging back pain or take a few strokes off your golf score, More Instant Self-Hypnosis contains over 48 fresh scripts covering a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual topics like: Become More Attractive, Curvy Slim Body, Easy Weight Release, Eliminate Warts, Feel Sexy, Feminine Pleasure, Firmer Lasting Erections, Go to the Gym, Good Posture, Healthy Choices, Increase Metabolism, Love Low Carb Eating, Relieve Chronic Back Pain, Reduce Hot Flashes, Reduce Stress and Blood Glucose Levels, Lean and Powerful Body, Achieve Your Potential, Confident Salesperson, Astral Travel Tonight, Attract a Mate, Attract Surplus Money, Become a Leader, Better Golf Score, Brighten Your Aura, Deeper Voice, Emotion Control, Find Misplaced Objects, Forgiveness, Get Out of Bed in the Morning, Honoring Your Feminine Self, Job Interview Confidence, Joyful Living, Lighten Up, Attract Luck, More Faith in the Divine, Neat Freak, Okay to Be Gay, Overcome Alcohol, Overcome Depression, Overcome Fear of Failure, Reduce Smoking Easily, Remember Past Lives, Learn to Smile, Stay in the Now, Stop Complaining and Gossiping, Stop People Pleasing, Stop Smoking, Stop Worrying.

Also included: The Master Induction 2.0, an amazing self hypnosis induction script that hypnotizes you as you read it. It works quicker and better than the original version too. There’s a Bonus Section highlighting revealing and easy ways to go even deeper into hypnosis and make the scripts work better. One bonus has a script to help you enter the hypnotic state even faster. Another bonus script helps you to very easily hypnotize others (if you wish) — so now you can help your friends and family improve their lives too!

If it’s practical, easy and effective help you’re after, you could choose no better self improvement ebook than… More Instant Self-Hypnosis.

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3 comments for “MORE Instant Self Hypnosis: Hypnotize Yourself As You Read

  1. James Moss "Jim"
    October 5, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Great sequel! I bought his other book, Instant Self Hypnosis. That book changed my life. This one is better.Until then I relied on wilpower to get things done. So tried to negotiate with my boss about giving me a raise, but I didn’t believe I could get it. Well… after I read his book, I went in and asked for a bigger salary without thinking about any negative stuff. I’m glad I did that.I also liked how his first book showed me how to create my own scripts. Even though it included some excelent scripts, I needed something to deal with B2B cold-calling and getting my ex-girl back. So I had to create those scripts myself. Anyway… it was easy and fun to do.When I found I could get his new book More Instant Self Hypnosis by download, I couldn’t wait. Even though they offer a sample of it, I knew that it had to be at least as good as his first book.But, you know? It was even better than the first.The opening chapters were clear and informative with lots of extra tips and secret stuff the first book didn’t have.The new induction was really improved. It got me into trance faster and stronger.He has 48 scripts this time which are different and some are new topics. I’m now working on the “Confident Sales Person” script and it’s really helping me.The bonuses at the end of the book were a nice touch.Love More Instant Self Hypnosis. It’s 1st rate!

  2. Ravneet Chana
    October 5, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    Finally an update to Forbes Blair’s bestseller “Instant Self Hypnosis” … Those of you who enjoyed Forbes Blair’s Instant Self Hypnosis book, will be glad to know there is now a sequel, “More Instant Self Hypnosis”. This book comes packed with over 40 new self hypnosis scripts and a better more powerful hypnosis induction technique, Master Induction 2.0. Also included are 2 new deepening scripts for those who want to deepen their trance even further before reading the suggestion goals. There is also a section for those experiencing difficulty with the Instant Self Hypnosis method.I am working on the “Stop Worrying” script and it is helping me a lot.

  3. Debra G. Leopold
    October 5, 2012 at 6:11 PM

    More from the Master!! Unlike most hypnosis and meditation books, Forbes’ “More Instant Self Hypnosis” really tells you how to “hypnotize yourself with your eyes open.” There is no hidden agenda, no fluff..just clear, detailed instructions on how to conquer your bad habits with a suggested script. When it comes to easy-to-understand instructions and guidance, nobody does it better than Forbes.I also feel that the practice of reading your own script is very empowering. Plus, it’s a practice that is easily incorporated into your daily routine. I was just talking with a friend who assists post-heart attack victims with smoking cessation and now, I’m going to recommend that he give this book to all of his clients. The cost of this book is a fraction of scheduling an appointment with a hypnotherapist–an investment in yourself with lifelong benefits.

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