Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Training Certification Course – NLP Coaching Certification: Certified Home Study Program (7 DVDs plus 2 Workbook CDs)

Whether you want to start your own coaching business or want to use the leading edge NFNLP coaching skills in your current profession. This NLP Coach Certification Training will help you to succeed as a trained professional coach. It is simply the most powerful and effective coaching method available. There are some different types of coaching but NLP Coaching gets hands on concrete results faster than others because NLP Coaching is the result of studying and modeling the most effective forms of coaching and communication available and combining this with the leading edge knowledge on human behavior and thinking patterning. You will have access to the most advanced tools and strategies and methods for assisting individuals developed from years of hands on training by Dr. Will Horton. Coaching fees for individuals run about $300 to $600 per month. The client typically phones the coach each week, three or four times every month for sessions of 30 to 45 minutes each. NLP Professional Coach Training is a solid investment. Work with many common coaching/client issues. Facilitate the client’s progress through blocks, fears and obstacles. Deliver effective feedback (in a way that the client can hear) for success. YOU WILL LEARN TO: Help clients identify their priorities, and take appropriate action based on them. Provide your clients with the accountability they need to continue taking action. Help clients resolve inner-conflicts and make better decisions. Coach your clients to take action now. Refine your communication skills by developing facility with the NLP coaching model. You will discover how to use coaching in your current work and how to improve your leadership ability. You will be able to offer more services to current clients and expand into new markets. You will get hands-on experience of both coaching and being coached. This will give you congruence around the ability to combine NLP knowledge with coaching skills. Get certified in the comfort of your own home.

Product Features

  • 7 DVDs of video instruction and 2 Workbook CDs that are packed with powerful NLP training by internationally known NLP trainer, Dr. Wil Horton.
  • This Certified Home Study course includes NLP COACHING CERTIFICATION upon completion of the course with no extra costs or hidden fees (*if purchased NEW with the NLP CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS listed below).
  • This is the most power-packed, intensive, and useful NLP Coach training that you can use to get certified as an NLP Coach in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.
  • The importance of NLP Coach Training for anyone who wants to start a career as a professional Coach or as a business professional is rapidly becoming clear. Many successful team leaders and managers unite the principles of advanced NLP with the power of Coaching for influencing and interacting with others as part of their job description.
  • CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: NLP Basic Practitioner Certification and NLP Master Practitioner Certification by recognized training facility are required. Faxed or emailed copies of these certificates are required before NLP Coaching Certification will be awarded.

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