Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Training Certification Program- Certified NLP Basic & Master Practitioner Home Study Courses includes NLP Certification for two levels: NLP Basic Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certification (22 DVDs)

GET YOUR NLP CERTIFICATION! These Certified Home Study courses go beyond the jargon of NLP and show you the secrets of how NLP really works. You will learn and master the basic and advanced master NLP techniques that have made NLP famous. You will learn the tools of how to make this rapid-change technology a reality. This NLP Certification program is an At Home Study course that allows you to get certified for the first two levels of NLP training: NLP Basic Practitioner Certification & Master Practitioner Certification. This course is focused on giving you the skills of waking hypnosis, how to use NLP and hypnosis without formal trance, and how gaining direct access into a person’s subconscious processing abilities is the key to getting others to do what you want. You will learn and experience the little-known nuances of understanding human behavior and rapidly accelerating change. Plus, you will learn covert NLP and hypnosis skills. You will master advanced applications of NLP. This course is not just for “professionals” using NLP. It is for anyone who wants to improve and direct their life to be successful and prosperous. Whether you are in a health-related field, social work, sales, teaching, public speaking, or any other profession – these powerful techniques will help you both professionally and personally. You will learn the words that change minds, the true language of subconscious influence. You will master the powerful filters each person uses to make sense of their experiences, screen out data, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore. Now you will learn the secret of working with these filters, and use them to effectively influence every area of your life. Learn from the people who broke the code of silence to teach YOU the secrets of NLP. The regular Price for all three NLP Certification courses is normally $1359.54, but this special COMBO DVD SET has a substantially discounted price.

Product Features

  • 22 DVDs of video instruction that is packed with powerful NLP training by internationally known NLP trainer, Dr. Wil Horton.
  • This Certified Home Study course includes NLP BASIC PRACTITIONER Certification and NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER Certification upon completion of the course with no extra costs or hidden fees (*if purchased NEW).
  • This is the most power-packed, intensive, and useful NLP training that you can use to get certified as an NLP Practitioner.
  • You will learn in easy-to-comprehend English from the people who exposed the secret myth of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  • The regular price for both Certification courses is normally $1359.54, but you can get them both at a substantially discounted price! You can learn NLP and get certified in the comfort of your own home at your own pace for a fraction of the price and avoid sitting in a classroom for an entire weekend.

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