NLP Belief Buster Cards

“What Quentin Tarantino, Eddie Izzard & JFK share with the originators of NLP isn’t just linguistic skill – it’s the UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES behind the words.”

Jamie Smart has taught thousands of people around the world that they too can use language in artful ways to achieve what they want in life. Now he has assembled the 52 best conversational belief change questions and approaches into one neat iCard App so that you can take these approaches and begin to shift limiting beliefs and challenge ideas in yourself and other people. These patterns have been used by the best communicators in history to convince others, overturn objections and overcome the problems associated with limiting perceptions and ideas.

The App explores the Sleight-of-mouth model – one of the most powerful linguistic tools there is. It’s the toolset for conversational belief-change, & includes dozens of reframing patterns. Imagine being able to:

*Eliminate limiting beliefs for yourself & others (this is a HUGE key for clearing the obstacles that hold people back).

*Create powerful, positive belief-sets that support & empower you.

*Master conversational belief-change, traditionally the domain of only the most skilled & experienced coaches, therapists, salespeople, speakers & NLP-ers.

*Turbo-charge your coaching & influence skills.

*Achieve your goals & bring your dreams to life.

This app contains the key words used by “linguistic wizards” – people who, for one purpose or another, have achieved great communication results by using powerful and targeted language techniques. Here are just a few of the ways you can use this app:

* Select a problem you want to solve, a change you want to make. What is the belief at work here that underpins this problem? Shake your iPhone to select an iCard at random, then read it. See how you can apply the belief change pattern to loosen the belief and open up space for new choices and perspectives.

* Choose an iCard at the start of each day & read the wisdom it contains. As you go through the day, listen for ways to respectfully apply the pattern to your conversations with others.

* Whenever you encounter a situation where you feel limited by your thoughts – use the patterns to create the feeling of freedom and empowerment; to break free from mental imagined limitations.


“Dear Salad, I wanted to write and tell you just how much value I have found in the Salad NLP Language Cards. My goal was to use the cards to coach myself to set goals and overcome limiting beliefs that have, until now, prevented me from living the life I want. For that reason, I have found the NLP Coaching Cards to be the most valuable personal growth purchase I have ever made. By themselves the Coaching Cards are fantastic, and I was very excited to find that Salad released a deck of Belief Buster Cards. Finally, the 1-2 punch I have been looking for to detoxify my system of beliefs and ideas that had been hiding like ninja’s sabotaging my success. Furthermore, the Belief Buster DVD really unlocks the power of the cards and shows you how to use them for maximum effect. Thank you Jamie Smart and the Salad team. It is not an exaggeration to say the Salad NLP Language Cards have changed my life and will help me to help others change their lives.”
Fred Lunjevich, Copywriter

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3 comments for “NLP Belief Buster Cards

  1. Bridget McKenna
    December 17, 2012 at 4:39 AM

    Sleight-of-Mouth, one step at a time I think these cards are a brilliant way to learn the patterns of sleight-of-mouth. In the end it’s not so much a matter of “busting” a belief as it is in busting it open and letting in new ideas. Since beliefs are quite adept at maintaining themselves, at least partly from keeping new ideas OUT, this requires a bit of gentle trickery, and that’s what you’ll learn as you begin to use and understand the sleight-of-mouth patterns.One of the things that’s really fun about this is that the patterns used to “bust” our limiting beliefs are the same ones we use to maintain them. I’ve found that knowing how to use the patterns enables me to use the structure of a belief as a way of injecting new information and understanding, which changes the belief itself into something more useful. The card format, in my opinion, makes the patterns a lot easier to learn than merely reading a book on the subject. With the cards, you can be more flexible in how you acquire the knowledge and understanding of sleight-of-mouth. Salad makes other decks for learning other NLP and hypnosis skills, and I’ve found each one really informative and useful.

  2. Johan Morgan "obsessive reader"
    December 17, 2012 at 10:50 AM

    Great! being new to n.l.p, this short book gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration. There are more than 50 individual chapters (cards), and each begins with the Formula. Then, a short paragraphs explains it further with examples.One card I learned today discussed how beliefs are only ideas. You can challenge any belief by asking, “how would you know if that wasn’t true?”. It doesn’t matter if you ask yourself or another person, to answer it you must imagine a new idea/belief (that contradicts the limiting belief).Simple questions and language ‘tricks’ like that might sound not like much, but in effect these are powerful ways to change anyone’s mind (including your own).Buy this book!

  3. Anonymous
    December 17, 2012 at 11:08 AM

    I will need to make these into 3×5 cards- easier for me to study and learn. The theory is good, and will make good practice.

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