NLP Belief Buster Cards

This latest card deck contains 52 language patterns and 52 belief-changing questions and is an ideal way to learn ‘Sleight of Mouth’ NLP patterns. Robert Dilts coined the phrase after seeing Richard Bandler use a system of re-framing patterns that were like doing ‘sleight of hand’ with beliefs. The resulting patterns are presented in these cards alongside other valuable language structures for shifting beliefs conversationally. The cards include

A tool for uncovering the unconscious structure of a belief

A tool that reveals their unconscious obstacles

A pattern for bringing the consequence of a belief into awareness

A pattern for directing a person’s attention to the larger outcome and purpose

A tool for finding out where out-of-date ‘rules’ came from, and much more.

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3 comments for “NLP Belief Buster Cards

  1. Bridget McKenna
    June 3, 2013 at 10:03 AM

    Sleight-of-Mouth, one step at a time I think these cards are a brilliant way to learn the patterns of sleight-of-mouth. In the end it’s not so much a matter of “busting” a belief as it is in busting it open and letting in new ideas. Since beliefs are quite adept at maintaining themselves, at least partly from keeping new ideas OUT, this requires a bit of gentle trickery, and that’s what you’ll learn as you begin to use and understand the sleight-of-mouth patterns.One of the things that’s really fun about this is that the patterns used to “bust” our limiting beliefs are the same ones we use to maintain them. I’ve found that knowing how to use the patterns enables me to use the structure of a belief as a way of injecting new information and understanding, which changes the belief itself into something more useful. The card format, in my opinion, makes the patterns a lot easier to learn than merely reading a book on the subject. With the cards, you can be more flexible in how you acquire the knowledge and understanding of sleight-of-mouth. Salad makes other decks for learning other NLP and hypnosis skills, and I’ve found each one really informative and useful.

  2. Johan Morgan "obsessive reader"
    June 3, 2013 at 10:21 AM

    Great! being new to n.l.p, this short book gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration. There are more than 50 individual chapters (cards), and each begins with the Formula. Then, a short paragraphs explains it further with examples.One card I learned today discussed how beliefs are only ideas. You can challenge any belief by asking, “how would you know if that wasn’t true?”. It doesn’t matter if you ask yourself or another person, to answer it you must imagine a new idea/belief (that contradicts the limiting belief).Simple questions and language ‘tricks’ like that might sound not like much, but in effect these are powerful ways to change anyone’s mind (including your own).Buy this book!

  3. Anonymous
    June 3, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    I am a fan of NLP and always on the look out for readings that will enhance my skills. Thanks Jamie, you done good!

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