NLP Hypnosis Mentalism: 8 Insane Products That Will Make You A MASTER At Covert Hypnosis

NLP HypnosiS Mentalism: 8 InsanE Products That Will MaKe You A MASTER At Covert HypnoSis

What if you knew how to give people suggestions that they will obey without them ever even knowing you’re controlling them?

How would your view on life change?

What if you could make a woman feel abSolutE lust and eXtreme sexual attraction to you simply by having what seems to be a normal conversation with her?

What if you could make a salesman feel an insane desire to give you the best deal he possibly can on whatever you want?

What if you were so charming that just you acknowledging someone will make their day?

What if you could have a short conversation with a friend or family member and completely remove their desire to smoke?

What if you could remove your own desire to smoke?

Now you will be able to do all of this, and so much more.

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