NLP Secrets: Upgrade Your Mind with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

In this straight-talking guide for beginners, Pete Casale teaches you eight proven NLP techniques in a humourous and practical manner. You’ll learn about the principles behind anchoring, pattern interruption, swish patterns, loop breaks, framing, presuppositions, mirroring and the NLP Meta Model. The first half of the book rounds off with explicit instructions on how to hypnotise someone using NLP principles.

Having spent years applying neuro-linguistic programming techniques to his life, Pete then illustrates how you can apply this knowledge to your own circumstances. He covers a number of in-demand self help topics including the art of seduction, gaining confidence, building rapport, lie detecting, curing phobias, losing weight and quitting smoking.

This friendly and accessible book has the power to upgrade your mind – and your life. Find out how the NLP Secret can help you…

What is NLP? NLP is a school of psychological techniques that effectively communicate with the listener’s subconscious mind. In modern-day terms, brain-hax.

What Does NLP Stand For? This handy acronym stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming – in layman’s terms, it means re-programming your subconscious mind through the clever use of language.

Why NLP Secrets? This book is dedicated to helping everyday people benefit from the modern science of NLP, while avoiding the pitfalls of dud NLP techniques which have no scientific basis.

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