Obtain Instant Invincible Confidence with Hypnosis CD

The Instant Invincible Confidence hypnosis CD is performed by Alex Armani, CHT. This session was designed to create an unbelievable confident mentality. The ramifications of such a mentality are all encompassing and the benefits are great.

When you step into this session, it’s as though you’re stepping into a magical world full of wonder. You’re actually entering a state of hypnosis that will help unleash your full potential.

Through repeated use of this session you will find that you are naturally more confident around others, confident in your abilities, and in times when you lack understanding, you are still confident in your ability to acquire the understanding that keeps you self-assured.

The Instant Breakthrough series by Alex Armani features a dual suggestion format. This means you will enjoy two sets of suggestions running simultaneously. This allows you to benefit in several ways including increased effectiveness, quicker results, and enhanced pleasure. Listening to this session with headphones is recommended to take full advantage of the dual suggestion format.

Product Features

  • Find yourself becoming bold and self-assured in your everyday life
  • Features a dual suggestion format for quick and dramatic results
  • Uses post hypnotic suggestions so the session continues to influence your mind well after listening
  • Face situations with a calm collected feeling of strength that was never before possible
  • Achieve unimaginable outcomes as a result of your new inner confidence shining bright for all to see

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