Ormond Mcgill 21st Century Hypnotherapy Training 5 DVD Special Package

Save $1,000 Today! Get Hands-On Training from The Dean of American Hypnotists & Foremost Leader in Western & Eastern Hypnotherapy… Dr. Ormond McGill HYPNOTHERAPY SECRETS REVEALED! The NEW “21st Century Hypnotherapy Training of Ormond McGill” Home Study Training Course: “You’ve seen amazing hypnosis demonstrations or someone who has been cured under the spell of a hypnotist and you want to learn how to use the power to hypnotize someone right now! I know because I myself wanted to learn how to use the power of hypnosis. Hypnosis is fascinating and you want to learn everything you can and now you finally have a once in a life time chance to learn from the best hypnotist in the world Ormond McGill. & Tom Silver, Hypnotist Finally, there’s a break through Hypnosis Course that will give you a firm foundation and understanding of the basic elements of hypnosis, and teach you many advanced secret techniques that will give you skills beyond those of even most experienced professional hypnotherapists. Can you imagine the prestige, respect and money that can be yours when you gain the knowledge required to become a successful hypnotherapist? This is the greatest home study hypnosis course available today, and YOU can learn the true secrets of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and hypnosis methods never before seen and brought to you personally by The Dean of Hypnotists – Dr. Ormond McGill. Ormond McGill s techniques and methods really work! I’m so glad that I got this incredible 21st Century Hypnotherapy Home Study Course. Ormond McGill was a true master and expert in Eastern and Western Hypnosis and I have learned many new techniques to us in my practice.” – Kate Jakenson, New York “Learn 21st Century Hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. With almost 10 hours of multi-media DVD and practical teaching aids specifically designed with you in mind, I will guide you every step of the way… and you will practice those techniques along with m e!Ormond McGill This is not some shallow, elementary program or one of those For Dummies hypnosis cook books. This is not some collection of obsolete, worn-out scripts that have been floating around the internet for years. This is not some progressive relaxation program that takes hours and achieves no results. And this is not some low quality video shot in a garage by someone who just graduated from a ten-cent training course and now calls themselves a hypnosis trainer. This is the real deal… The Holy Grail of training courses, the Lost Treasure of Atlantis for any aspiring hypnotist searching for an honest, easy-to-follow home study program, with lot s of group practice and step-by-step guidance from one of the most respected and notable hypnotherapy trainers in the world today… Dr. Ormond McGill. Ormond McGill was a pioneer of new and advanced (and even fun) hypnosis methods, techniques and formulas that are proven to work and easy to learn. And now you can learn from the master himself with this specially formulated home study program… Including… Demonstrations of amazing Deep Trance Inductions. The power of a post hypnotic suggestion. Mesmerism and the process of hypnotizing using the Mesmermic Passes. Live Hypnosis Stage Show with special techniques from Ormond McGill. Producing deep trance states while using ideo-motor response. Live Hypnotherapy sessions conducted by Ormond McGill. Step-by-step, easy to follow skill building exercises that will increase your confidence and ability to hypnotize anybody anytime and anywhere. Step-by-step class-room practice with Ormond McGill guiding you through every powerful technique. Wouldn’t you like to learn???

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