Ormond McGill 21th Century Hypnotherapy Training Volume One

Ormond McGill was also known as The Dean of American Hypnotists Mr. McGill was one of the leading experts in the field of hypnotism. Ormond McGill authored over 30 books including two wonderful books on hypnotism that he co-wrote with his close friend Hypnotherapist Tom Silver. The books are entitled The How To Book of Hypnotism and Hypnotism A Training & Techniques Manual. This Ormond McGill special training course DVD has never been seen or released before and it is the first of a series of training dvd’s that will teach you “The Secrets of Hypnotherapy” from Ormond McGill himself. Recorded live at The Tom Silver, Ormond McGill Advanced Hypnosis Training Seminar in Bath England in October 2003. A must for any hypnotist and for anyone who wants to learn some wonderful and powerful techniques from Ormond McGill “The Dean of Amerian Hypnotists”.

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1 comment for “Ormond McGill 21th Century Hypnotherapy Training Volume One

  1. J. Bailey
    November 8, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    USED DVD re-sealed in plastic and sold as new! This DVD arrived OBVIOUSLY re-sealed in plastic, the DVD box broken, and the disk severly scratched. It is OBVIOUSLY a used item in poor condition that was represented as new and sold as a new item.

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