Overcome The Hold Of A Social Phobia Using Self-hypnosis

One of the most common anxiety disorders is social phobia, a condition in which a person is scared of being in certain social settings. A person with social phobia suffers from incapacitating anxiety that affects their personal and daily life.

People with social phobia are very self-conscious and worried about what others may think or say about them. They are usually afraid of voicing their opinions, out of fear that they will be judged or berated. People with social anxiety tend to be very hard on themselves or have low self-esteem. They are constantly worried about being noticed by other people and find social situations to be very stressful.

Some people with social phobia may seem “shy,” but in a phobia, this is taken to extremes. For instance, if you struggle with social phobia, you might hesitate to make a crucial call because you’re nervous about talking on the telephone. You finally make the phone call, but you’re so nervous that you “lock up” or forget what you wanted to say. Although it happens to everyone sometimes, for a person with social phobia it may happen every time, to the point where they find it impossible to make any calls.

Maybe it is the night before an important meeting at work and you find yourself unable to fall asleep. You hate the thought of being in front of your supervisor and all your co-workers watching as you talk about a new idea or project. You can’t stop yourself from feeling very embarrassed and self-conscious. Even after the meeting ends, you keep overanalyzing everything you did and said. You worry that you humiliated yourself in front of your colleagues by stammering or saying the wrong thing.

Maybe you would like to go to parties and meet new people, but you avoid socializing because you’re nervous about introducing yourself to new people. You find the crowds daunting and the thought of meeting someone new scares you. You worry about saying the right thing, or that you’ll get laughed at. You might end up staying at home a lot because you’re too worried about going out. These are only some of the ways social phobias can impact our lives.

Social phobias are irrational fears that can stop you from achieving your career goals or fully enjoying life. But even people who know their fears are irrational may not know how to eliminate their fears. People with social phobia would like to be more social and feel confident around others, but are just too scared to do so. In spite of their conscious desires and hard work, they cannot control their phobia because every phobia is seated in the unconscious level of the mind. Ericksonian hypnosis therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques are the most effective phobia treatments because they work at this unconscious level.

It can be difficult for sufferers of social anxiety to get cured because they can be too scared to visit a counselor or talk about their anxieties. This is among the reasons why hypnosis therapy programs are appropriate for them. The programs promote a peaceful and confidence-boosting frame of mind in a privacy, without being intimidating or overwhelming.

The first part of a proper phobia program is stress relief. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for eliminating your tension and anxiety. At the moment when you are de-stressed, hypnotherapy techniques will help shape positive ideas in your unconscious mind and extinguish your phobia. NLP techniques are used to eliminate your fears by targeting the process of thought that produces a phobia.

In conventional hypnosis, distinctively worded post-hypnotic suggestions are utilized to address one different phobia. The problem is, people often reject being simply told what to think or do, so conventional hypnosis doesn’t work as well as it could. A phobia requires a combination of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

Ericksonian hypnosis therapy techniques work better than conventional hypnosis because they utilize suggestions that aren’t apparent to your conscious mind, instead of direct suggestions. These suggestions are hidden in conversation, in the form of stories and metaphors, to persuade your unconscious mind to adopt a new line of thought. This is why Ericksonian hypnosis therapy is far more advanced than traditional hypnotherapy and far more difficult for the unconscious mind to resist.

A program that utilizes Ericksonian hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can treat any phobia, in any individual. This is because a variety of techniques are combined to maximize their effectiveness. People are frequently amazed at the apparently miraculous results they can get using hypnosis. Ericksonian hypnotherapy and NLP are excellent tools to help build your confidence and overcome social anxiety so you may live life to the fullest.

Original Author: Alan B. Densky, CH Full Bio

Alan B. Densky, CH has invented several hypnosis methods for overcomming shyness and social phobia. He also offers hypnotherapy CD’s for any phobia. His authority website offers a complete list of hypnosis for self improvement CD’s.

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