Pain Release, stop chronic pain with poweful instant hypnotherapy healing, by Wendi

Pain Release – Hypnotherapy
5 Sessions on 1 CD

Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods to release and eliminate pain.

This CD is probably one of the best that there is for releasing pain. Your mind will go into a deep healing trance, creating powerful cellular communication that will change the way your brain perceives pain.

Before there was anesthesia, Doctors discovered that hypnosis could be used as anesthesia and they could perform surgery with only hypnosis. The patient feels no pain and recovers faster. Hypnosis has been used to relieve chronic pain for years.

1 Release and resolve pain issues
Do you have secondary gain issues with your pain? Are you holding onto a very powerful need that gets satisfaction from the pain? Find out what might be fueling your chronic pain. Once you uncover this, you might just feel the pain melting away.

2 Future Time line Healing
An important aspect of healing chronic pain is the future memory that is created while in hypnosis. This future memory holds a tremendous key to letting go of pain. The brain must have something that directs it to the source for having no pain. If the brain does not have anything it can access that represents you without pain, it doesn’t know how to send the healthy messages to the body. Creating the future self can resolve a lot of deep emotional, physical and mental issues (beliefs about yourself in pain) and resolve them. You will love this session!

3-5 Instant Pain Relief-
These sessions are short, about 3 minutes each. They will allow you to get fast relief anytime you need it. When your brain is conditioned to go into trance quickly, you can actually feel a big change in just a few minutes. Put these short sessions on your iPod or player or computer.

Product Features

  • Get fast relief for chronic pain
  • Hypnotherapy is proven for pain control
  • These sessions will teach your brain to stop the pain response
  • Feel the deep relief of Hypnosis as your body relaxes away the pain
  • Wendi’s soothing voice and deep trance methods will lower your pain
  • End your stress, anxiety and fears that cause pain
  • Sleep great and feel better every day!

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