Performance Perfected – A Head-Cleaners Hypnosis CD for Optimized Readiness, Reactivity and Performance without Self-Critiquing and Self-Doubt

Hypnosis that imparts confidence and facilitates readiness, fosters intuitive, coordinated mind-body interaction; facilitates senses, memory and training; eliminates confidence-eroding self-critical thinking. For all forms of performance and performance anxiety from Sunday School teaching trembles to opera performance — but with special subtle, imbedded focus on elements helpful to individuals in danger occupations and individuals struggling with sexual performance anxiety. Designed to foster the listener’s ability to utilize and access learning, training and natural abilities in an optimal, finely-tuned, performance-perfected manner and to foster the listener’s ability to maintain a relaxed and comfortable state of fine-tuned readiness for action and reaction before, during and after performance. Designed to foster the listener’s ability to react to general performance demands, need, threat or danger with optimized, “in-the-zone” physical and psychological coordination, sensory sharpness, facilitated memory and instinctual reactivity and to minimize, postpone or avoid unhelpful, distracting, self-critical or anxious thoughts whenever such thoughts are not in the listener’s best interest. Lasting effects can be expected after only one or two listenings. Some mildly increased effects and “booster-shot” effects can be obtained with subsequent listenings. Designed utilizing Ericksonian, permissive, indirect hypnotic techniques that make the ideas and suggestions presented seem individually, specifically designed for each listener and any situation or condition.

Product Features

  • Whisper-spoken, soothing-soft, deep bass tones
  • Creatively crafted by a clinical psychologist with 20+ years experience
  • Indirect, permissive, Ericksonian-style strategic suggestions
  • Practical, logical, cognitive-behavioral, strengths-based suggestions
  • Dual-voice, dual induction stereo presentation

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