Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide To Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming: Step by Step Instructions & Easy to Read Scripts

The definitive guide to Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming by one of the developers of the Relyfe system designed to teach you step-by-step complete control your lover’s mental and physical psycho-sexual reactions! Plain language explanations of how hypnosis and erotic hypnosis work, scripts for hypnotizing your lover and guides for developing your own highly effective scripts. Simple step-by-step instructions teach you: – Complete Inhibition Release – On Demand Arousal – Orgasm Control (Orgasms on Demand and Orgasm Denial) – Psycho-Sexual Binding and Dependency – Relyfe in the BDSM Environment (sex slave absolute control) – Fantasy Bimbo / Mindless Sexual Submission – Gender Fantasy and Psycho-sexual Gender Reassignment – With Special Sections on Telephone and IM-Chat Hypnosis amd other forms of Online Control – and more! Drive your lover (or intended lover) insane with uncontrollable need for you ! From simple explanations of how hypnosis can work with anyone to teaching the reader the Relyfe Programming techniques to make changes in their lover’s core personality traits, this is the definitive work on Erotic Sexual Control over yourself and others !

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3 comments for “Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide To Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming: Step by Step Instructions & Easy to Read Scripts

  1. Historic Fiction Reader
    October 2, 2012 at 1:07 AM

    Incredible – easy to understand – love this book – intro way too long Ok, here’s the deal. Until last month I didn’t even believe in hypnosis. I got this book’s paperback version from a friend for my birthday in March. I promptly lost it (later found by girlfriend holding TV level for March Madness) and would have probably gotten it down to goodwill in a few weeks.OMG I AM GLAD I DIDN’T!The friend who gave it to me got me to read it by challenging me in front of my girlfriend (usually a mistake). I forced my way through a 22 page introduction that made only two points I COULD HAVE made in two sentences. Try these Mr. Scott: “1. I am writing this book because I can’t find anything comprehensive on the subject and am tired of repeating myself all of the time; and 2. Erotic Hypnosis is fun and anyone can do it.”By the second page of the first real chapter I began to think he may be onto something, and by the end of that Chapter (titled “How To Hypnotize Her”) I thought that I might be able to.The Author’s explanations of how everyone can be hypnotized with the right approach (even see a severe ADHD kid playing HALO??), and how to make it work, were easy to understand and after I finished the book I ran my even more skeptical girl through the first of the book’s many hypnosis script (called the “Long Induction”) and watched her orgasm on command, I was hooked!This book is incredible. I have a half dozen people who want to borrow my copy (ok, college kids can only afford so much) and twice that many who I have bought it because they can see what I am doing now.If it weren’t for the oversized intro (which you should read *sigh*) the book would get six stars from me, instead of five (I mean come on Mr. Scott…TWO SENTENCES) !

  2. Nathan "nlv"
    October 2, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIVE STARS! This was a fine introduction to erotic hypnosis. In it, Mr. Scott explains the principles and techniques clearly and well. For the student interested in erotic hypnosis, this is a great primer and source of ideas.It deserved five stars. Unfortunately, the production quality of the book was abysmal. The book is incorrectly guttered. A mere eighth inch offset in the type for each page would have made this book much easier to read.The edition I received was poorly edited. Even my first cursory read showed errors in counts in scripts. Mistakes of grammar abound. Even the organization of the book could be improved by grouping the Relyfe material apart from the more prosaic erotic hypnosis discussion, and then showing how to integrate them.The book refers to online support material which, as of this writing, was not present. That’s fine; the book stands alone, but it just adds to the generally half-finished aspect the book presents.***** Content: Excellent. *** Organization: Could stand improvement. ** Production / Editing / Printing: Amateur.

  3. Erotic Couple
    October 2, 2012 at 6:54 AM

    A must-have for every couple This is powerful stuff! The author teaches hypnosis techniques that can be used to profoundly and permanently change a person”s personality and most deeply held beliefs. Like any powerful tool, you can use this for great good or great evil, so this is only for couples who totally trust each other. The author focuses on S&M, and many of his examples and hypnosis scripts deal with getting your partner into S&M and / or providing sex on command, which isn’t what we, or most couples, are into. However, if you look past that you’ll realize that techniques powerful enough to achieve such a dramatic change in a person can easily be adapted to achieve your idea of better sex, loose weight, improve self image and confidence, and even to eliminate self-destructive behavior.Buy ithe book, use it very carefully, you’ll be very glad you did.

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