Powerful Mind Through Self-Hypnosis: A Practical Guide to Complete Self-Mastery

You have a powerful mind. But you may only be using a fraction of its potential. Powerful Mind Through Self-Hypnosis is a practical, easy to follow guide to harnessing the power of your subconscious mind for better health. This book will literally change the way you think, feel, act and behave…forever. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist Cathal OBriain will help you overcome emotional and psychological difficulties through self-hypnotic trance. Symptoms will become a thing of the past as your life transforms, taking you beyond the comfort zone into a world of inner peace and freedom, happiness and success. So are you ready for real, transitional change?

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3 comments for “Powerful Mind Through Self-Hypnosis: A Practical Guide to Complete Self-Mastery

  1. Tullio F. Desantis "Tullio Francesco DeSantis"
    January 12, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    An Essential Self-Hypnosis and Self-Improvement Text Cathal O’Briaian, ” Powerful Mind Through Self-Hypnosis: A Practical Guide to Complete Self-Mastery”I have included hypnosis and self-hypnosis practice in my personal self-improvement regimen for decades. Yet, upon encountering the elegance of Cathal O’Briaian’s presentation here, I found much new insight and value. The author is a well-respected and credentialed clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, a writer and lecturer, and a member of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.First, and perhaps most important, the author does not unnecessarily complicate the subject or mystify in any way. In the field of hypnosis, in particular, and self-mastery, in general, this is noteworthy. Instead, what we find in this book is a clear and concise methodological approach, which focuses upon the essentials of both understanding and practice.The first part of “Powerful Mind Through Self-Hypnosis” deals with the nature and history of hypnosis and the transformative power of positive intention and a program of self-improvement using affirmation and suggestion techniques.The second section provides specific procedures for addressing a host of life issues, such as depression, addiction, and pain management using specific self-hypnosis techniques. This is valuable information at any price. This book is a worthwhile addition to the bookshelf of anyone with an interest in self-improvement and the positive power of the focused mind.

  2. Aillinn Mcgoldrick
    January 12, 2013 at 10:57 AM

    This is a truly amazing book, highly recommended! When I saw the cover of “Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis” I was immediately drawn to it. To put it simple, this book has changed every aspect of my being in a very positive way. At work, my friends keep telling me how great I look and at home I feel relaxed and happy all the time. I would never have thought that a book could have such a profound impact on my life and I thank the author from the heart.Through using Cathal’s simple and natural self-hypnotic techniques, I find self-hypnosis easy to use each day in all my activities. This book takes the mysticism out of hypnosis by getting you back to basic self-control, through breathing, suggestion, imagination, basically using the tools you already have but fail to use effectively. In other editions I’ve read on the same subject, authors have overcomplicated the simple process of hypnosis by adding to much ‘magic’ and not enough ‘logic’ to the equation. This is why it’s perfect for the beginner as well as the professional. It makes proper use of the mind and body you have by helping you tap in to the power of the subconscious area of the mind, to put it simply.The structure and layout of the book is also very useful for those who want to use it as a psychological guide, kind of an ‘A to Z’ of symptoms and how to help overcome them through self-transformation. For example, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, you can go straight to those areas and find solutions. For the professional, it’s easy for them to get a basic understanding of everything to do with hypnosis and the mind, as well as incorporate the well written scripts provided for their own private therapy sessions.O’Briain has also done very well to reinvigorate self-hypnosis as a pure and natural form of self-healing and I’m glad he took the initiative to show people that it’s a phenomonen that has been around since the dawn of time, used for mind strengthening and not for mind control. It’s as natural as breathing and O’Briain dedicates an entire chapter to the breath, which is central to his teachings and an integral part of the self-hypnotic process.This book has the potential to change the minds of the masses. I hope it reaches a wide and varied audience because it’s a book for everyone. My congratulations to the author on a wonderful book full of surprises and healing.

  3. Keith Dawson
    January 12, 2013 at 11:23 AM

    Thanks for the miracle in my life All my life I had a stammer and over the years I learned how to control it most of the time. Now pursuing a career as a Garda (Irish Police Force) I want to always have control over it. Just before I enrolled for speech therapy sessions I came across this book. I got great help and with the techniques to programme the ‘beat’ into my mind, I now talk with a rhythm ‘to the beat’. A very inspirational book. I now have power I never knew I had. Thanks.

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