Put Off Procrastination – Tired of Procratinating? Use Nlp and Hypnosis Mp3 to End Procrastination

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2 comments for “Put Off Procrastination – Tired of Procratinating? Use Nlp and Hypnosis Mp3 to End Procrastination

  1. Ellora "Hawk"
    October 3, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    Listen Often / Learn More “Put off Procrastination” has been so helpful to me.I started listening to it when I was having blocks to keeping my home clutter free and as clean as I like it. I am so glad now that I had these blocks to get through since they led me to this Nlp and Hypnosis Mp3.I now know the root causes to my procrastination issue and am very aware of how much I might have missed out on in my life if I had not faced the block. Enjoying my happiest future was actually at stake. Whew…that is a lot to have at stake.Luckily Michael has put his expertise out there for anyone to access.Thanks Mike

  2. Anonymous
    October 3, 2012 at 11:56 PM

    I liked the language and price, so didn’t read reviews before I bought . In the five days I’ve worked with this MP3, I pulled the stops off several ‘use it or lose it’ projects. Without that weight holding back, my energy jump is amazing. Channeling this freed up energy, I’m picking up weights at the gym, and sleeping better – benefits I hadn’t even thought of as related.Michael J. Emery is very good at what he does – a masterful practitioner in fact, since he both guides and then coaches in ways that evolve easily with other challenges you’re looking at. I’ve received gifts (and bought) way more expensive items in past years from well-known Hypnosis and NLP practitioners. I’m in awe of this gent’s talent and confidence, SO GLAD he put this MP3 out there for .99ยข. I use it in the morning, and look forward to feeling what more of his work is like: . If you’re making choices at one of life’s crossroads, ‘Put Off Procrastination – Tired of Procrastinating?…’ is a great tool for the Journey.

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