Quantum Hypnosis Scripts: Neo-Ericksonian Scripts That Will Supercharge Your Sessions! (Volume 1)

Quantum Hypnosis Scripts is a book of full length, professional Hypnosis scripts, ideal for either professional use or for Self Hypnosis, and as the title suggests, this book focuses solely on Hypnosis scripts and suggestions for their ideal use. Quantum Hypnosis Scripts includes multiple Hypnosis scripts plus 2 Master Hypnosis Inductions, which are essential to the use of the provided Hypnosis scripts. Included in the total are 2 Hypnosis Programs of 3 Hypnosis scripts each, for Weight Loss and Stress Reduction. Since these applications are ideally treated with a series of sessions and since Hypnosis Program script series are hard to find in other Hypnosis Script books, they are included here for the reader’s use. Incidentally, if you are a user of the Instant Self Hypnosis method, reading these complete and suggestion-rich scripts should work well for you. Readers of Quantum Hypnosis Scripts receive a FREE full-length Hypnosis audio session, valued at $59, available at the book’s website. Detailed information on how to get your free Hypnosis audio session is available in the last chapter of this book. The Self Hypnosis scripts presented in this book are full-length, professional Hypnosis scripts. By the way, for readers of Quantum Self Hypnosis and students or graduates of NEIH, these are new scripts for you, although the now familiar script framework (the beach scene) is used in all the included scripts. There are also a few important, duplicate applications with all new suggestions. The general approach for many of the included scripts is ego-strengthening which scripts are again hard to find, and very helpful for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy clients as well as Self-Hypnotists. Also important, there are no scripts in this book that utilize negative programming or aversion therapy. These scripts are all positive, present tense, and affirmative in nature, thus very effective. This book was written as a stand alone text as well as a companion book to Quantum Self Hypnosis, so readers of QSH will find many new and interesting scripts to use from this book. We decided at the 11th hour to include one of our well-known Stop Smoking Hypnosis scripts because it seemed wrong not to include a script for one of the most popular Hypnosis applications in this first volume of Quantum Hypnosis Scripts. Since this script is not brand new or unique, it is being included as a Bonus script and not being counted as one of the Hypnosis scripts included in this book. While the script isn’t unique, it is very effective, so for readers looking for a good Stop Smoking script, enjoy your bonus script! For those unfamiliar with the author, Jo Ana has worked in the field of Hypnotherapy since 1987. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Executive Director of the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy, an award-winning training program operating since 1995. Dr. Starr trained in 1987 with the American Institute of Hypnotherapy under the tutelage of the esteemed Dr. Krasner. She later earned a PhD and holds a Doctorate in Divinity as well. Her undergraduate work was in English, Education, and Psychology. Dr. Starr has made numerous appearances on both radio and television programs to discuss topics such as Hypnosis and Wellness. She is a published author, speak, and educator, and has authored 8 training programs, all focused on Hypnosis, Prosperity, Diet and Wellness. For those new to Self Hypnosis or Hypnosis, you will find more comprehensive information on the process of Self Hypnosis in Quantum Self Hypnosis available here at Amazon.com, also written by Dr. Starr.

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3 comments for “Quantum Hypnosis Scripts: Neo-Ericksonian Scripts That Will Supercharge Your Sessions! (Volume 1)

  1. Oliver Franklin
    February 2, 2013 at 12:57 AM

    Great Resource for all Hypnotherapists I know, yawn, another Hypnosis script book. My thought exactly and yet, ever hopefully, I checked this book out anyway. What a surprise…….and a good one.These are long scripts, when compared with typical hypnosis scripts. Individuals who use these scripts don’t have to do anything more difficult than pair them with one of the provided hypnosis inductions to have a complete session ready to go. Most of the hypnosis scripts currently available online are a page or less-just really a script idea or starting point.This is a well-written, pleasantly surprising Hypnosis script book!

  2. E.R Orchard
    February 2, 2013 at 6:59 AM

    A Refreshingly New Look at Hypnosis Scripts! Hypnosis Script books don’t usually offer too many surprises, but this book surprised me!The scripts are much more detailed and seem to have many more suggestions in each script than I would consider usual. The author, who is also a well-known trainer, has provided readers will scripts that are a happy cross between guided imagery and hypnosis. Her scripts take the client on a “journey” in which he or she experiences the ideal outcome he/she seeks.This approach makes total sense in terms of creating behavioral change but thus far I haven’t found other scripts that are this articulate and well-thought out as these presented in this book. Highly recommended.

  3. M. Greene "jasper"
    February 2, 2013 at 7:07 AM

    Clean, precise and easy to understand Dr. Star has written a book of scripts that are positive and cover several issues that hypnotherapist deal with on a daily basis. Taking the positive stance getting to the underlying problem. This book will be a necessary tool in my library.

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