Rare Bandler: Richard Bandler, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Live Seminar (5 Tape Set)

This is a rare find of Richard Bandler doing NLP in the early 80’s. This 5 tape series, each over 100 minutes in length, exemplifies his work with participants with demonstrations utilizing linguistics, humor, submodalities, V/K disassociation, word play and hypnotic techniques. The voice and color quality is excellent. In these videos you will hear the stories and anecdotes that you might have read in the classic NLP books like Using Your Brain For A Change, The Structure of Magic, Tranceformations and others. What a pleasure to hear them straight from the source, Richard Bandler. Contents include:
Richard Bandler explains how stage hypnosis really works, Questions are answered about gaining rapport, How do you spot breathing patterns, Going into a trance game, Age regression discussion, The faster hypnotic induction, How Richard Bandler used to hypnotize passengers and stewardesses in airplanes, The Parrot Induction, Positive hallucinations vs. Negative hallucinations and how useful (or unuseful) they are, Dissociation Technique for pain control and phobia cure, Richard Bandler explains step by step the phobia cure technique, A neat variation on phobia cure, LIVE demonstration with a person who has escalators phobia. The person will be sent later to the airport to take the escalator. The dangers of the Phobia cure technique and how it can be used to fall out of love, Using quotes to induce trance, Explanation of the purpose of each step of the phobia cure technique, Richard Bandler talks about how and from where he got the idea about the phobia cure technique, Cautions about the phobia cure technique,
Using Dissociation for auto-hypnosis, Playing with Submodalities to generate exquisite feelings, Embedded commands, Turn insult to humor, An effective strategy for dealing with insults, Gaining competence/confidence, How to come up with your own techniques, The disease of seriousness and how important to have a sense of humor.

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