Releasing Anxiety Self Hypnosis CD

Self-Hypnosis is the key to releasing the problem solving skills imbedded in your own subconscious. It is one of the easiest ways to make the positive changes you desire and enhance your feelings of well-being. NLP techniques combine with self-hypnosis suggestions, all set to relaxing background music to help you derive the most benefit. Dr. Cheryle Freedman is an experienced child and family therapist with a specialized focus in trauma and hypnotherapy.

Product Features

  • Introduction and precautions for use
  • Designed to help you manage anxiety in a way that is personal to you
  • Progressive relaxation and hypnotic induction help you to be more receptive to positive suggestions for change
  • The self-hypnosis anxiety script prompts your subconscious to search for the skills you already possess but may have forgotten
  • Relaxing background music enhances the experience

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