Self-Hypnosis And Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere!

Self-hypnosis and subliminal communication have long been mired in mystique, urban legend and disinformation. The truth is that both of these techniques are backed by extensive research demonstrating their efficacy and more importantly, once learned, both tools can be customized for any situation and can be used almost anytime and anywhere.


Join Eldon Taylor as he unravels the truth behind these technologies, and demonstrates how they are invaluable tools in your self-help armamentarium. In this essential guide, you will learn:

–          How to create your own custom subliminal program to break through subconscious blockages.

–          How subliminal communication works and why it is so much more powerful than simply using affirmations.

–          5 steps for putting yourself into a hypnotic state.

–          Several techniques to assist you in going even deeper into a hypnotic state.

–          How you can create new habits, uncover hidden conflicts that often cause self-destructive patterns and discover new solutions to old problems!


Hypnosis and subliminal communication have been used for medical purposes as well as the metaphysical. Once you have mastered these two technologies, you will be able to use them anytime and anywhere to achieve a wide range of goals, from weight loss to stop smoking, from building your self esteem to maximizing your own healing potential, from enhancing your learning ability to dealing with anger and stress, and so much more. Finally, you can take complete control of your own self-help program!

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3 comments for “Self-Hypnosis And Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere!

  1. Sheryl Cox
    November 12, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    My Mind Just Changed! As a major skeptic regarding hypnosis, I always thought it was either an evil mind-control game or a complete hoax intended only to entertain. However, I chose to keep an open mind and see what I could learn while reading.In “Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology”, Eldon Taylor explains hypnosis in two ways. 1) In detail for the scientific minded or those who need proof, and 2) in simple terms for those who just want the nutshell version of “what can it do for me?”With what Eldon shares in the book and the six accompanying audio tracks, my mind is definitely changed. It’s clear that hypnosis is neither evil mind control nor a hoax.Taylor gives you the tools and techniques to enter into a deep peaceful relaxation (aka hypnosis) so your subconscious mind can take care of what your conscious mind hasn’t. As he explains, you are always in complete control.He also shares the power of subliminal programming that inundates our minds through every kind of audio and visual media (including certain kinds of music)…most of which is negative and/or controlling. He then teaches you how to use positive subliminal messages in a way that will only improve your life.Both are effective in a very positive way if you choose for them to be. I’m already experiencing positive results and I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to do the same!Sheryl Cox, author of Amazon Bestseller “Beings & Doings”

  2. Irene Conlan "Irene"
    November 12, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    High quality, trustworthy, dynamic material I had the privilege of reviewing Eldon Taylor’s new workbook Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology and working with the recordings that come as part of the package. As a hypnotherapist of twenty years, I can say that this is the best I have found – anywhere. I have read most books on self hypnosis, trying to find something I could recommend to my clients and to those who visit The Self Improvement Blog. Most of them make it far too difficult. With Taylor’s instructions and the recordings to reinforce the practice, anyone – yes, I mean anyone – can master the technique. Further, I have stayed away from subliminals because, understanding their power, I wanted to be absolutely sure they were what they claimed to be before I recommended them. I feel confident in recommending InnerTalk’s subliminals to everyone, knowing that Eldon Taylor has filled the gap providing high quality, trustworthy, dynamic material. Irene Conlan, MSN, PhD, CHt.

  3. JR_Wolfe
    November 12, 2012 at 7:27 PM

    It really works! I have been exposed to hypnosis as many of us probably have – the act on stage at the local fair. I’ve always maintained a skeptics view of hypnosis, but after reading Eldon’s straight forward approach to self-hypnosis as a way to improve my mind/body connect I find my opinion changing. The step-by-step program laid out in the book makes it very easy for a “newbie” like myself to begin to understand and implement self-hyponisis in a way that is very easily applied; the audio tracks are an amazing tool accompanying the book’s written guidelines. The section on subliminal technology is nothing new to me as I use his InnerTalk programs with great success, but it will be of great benefit to anyone that is new to the concept of subliminal programs as a self-improvement tool.

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