Self-Hypnosis: New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation

Self-hypnosis can be a simple yet powerful tool for self-transformation. In this comprehensive guide to making sense of the mysteries of your mind, research psychologist Adam Burke explores how to integrate self-hypnosis into your daily life for a newly engaged outlook with heightened control of your mind and destiny.

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3 comments for “Self-Hypnosis: New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation

  1. James Burniche
    January 12, 2013 at 4:58 AM

    I wish the author would write more books! As a practitioner of the Chinese internal arts, meditation, etc. this book really resonated with me. Too many books on this subject are either intellectual psycho-babble, new age “theories” or worse yet don’t give enough guidance to deal with the real issues you may encounter.This is not a huge tome. It is small to medium sized book which is filled with practical guidance, written by someone who obviously has a good deal of experience and knowlege with issues of the mind (as applied to self-improvement). The tone of it is smart, but enjoyable to read, and I have been surprised several times to find some little tidbit which addresses an issue I’m experiencing at the time.There is another reviewer who seems upset that this book doesn’t cover spirituality. In my opinion, this is rediculous and unfair. Once one has ACTUAL EXPERIENCE with the techniques, you can apply them to whatever you want! But if it’s true spirituality you’re after, wouldn’t you rather seek guidance from an established tradition?

  2. In My Opinion2!
    January 12, 2013 at 11:06 AM

    Excellent! This book gives very complete and concise instruction and advice on how to use hypnosis to improve the quality of your life.I’ve read quite a few books on hypnosis over the past several weeks and this is perhaps the best of the lot. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Burke conveys highly effective techniques without ever getting longwinded (the book is a trim 165 pages long – about a 1/4 inch thick).In a nutshell, this book will help you to make great, positive changes in your life in a realatively short amount of time. This book provides a very organized “how to” on how to get into a trance state and change your subconscious mind.

  3. Warren "Changed to 5-star; received the addit...
    January 12, 2013 at 11:30 AM

    I would pay $1000 for this book – literally! I received Burke’s book on Self Hypnosis only this week, and I am extremely grateful to have found it.I’m 72; in my 30’s a counselor introduced me to hypnosis he led for a few sessions, then self hypnosis that I induced. Continued the self work for a couple of years, until I married, and found it quite helpful. Back then I used mainly for stress reduction, occasionally for some other motivation. After marrying and later divorcing, I never returned to it.Last January I retired, and having more quiet and free time, decided to see if I could still do it. I first read a little book from 1971, Complete Guide to Hypnosis by Leslie LeCron. This is excellent for an absolute beginner who may have some fear and anxiety about trying this, up to a fairly capable novice, although a good deal of his work compares working with a professional to going it alone. But some on technique and potentials of it as well. It inspired me to want to read more, ergo, Burke’s book on Self Hypnosis which I found here on Amazon.It pretty much starts where LeCron’s book above leaves off. If someone wants to be, or is at least considering, using hypnosis quite a lot to improve various aspects of his life, and do it mainly on his own, I think Burke has written an absolute gold mine of a book. Really takes anyone from a novice level to at least a good intermediate.Yes, pages 115-160 offer about 20 scripts dealing with common problems and their solution or at least improvement. But the first 114 pages are a wealth of information about hypnosis’s potential benefits, how we can achieve these benefits with it, some explanation as to why it is such an effective relearning tool, and how to overcome our usually subconscious resistances to change. For anyone open to enhancing his life in one or multiple areas, and who wants to be good at using it, I strongly recommend this book. Unless I knew I could get another copy, I truthfully wouldn’t sell you mine for a thousand dollars!

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