Self-Hypnosis: Safe, Simple and Superb (Short Guide)

Want to know the truth about Self-Hypnosis?

How you can easily learn to hypnotize yourself?

In this short guide, you will be able to do the following with self-hypnosis:
Change a habit
Overcome a phobia
Win a marathon
Pass an exam
Control pain
Calm pain
Improve concentration
Enhance your sex life
End writer’s block
Give a speech in public
Prepare for a job interview

Here’s the list of Contents:
What you can do with Self-Hypnosis
Discover and Improve Your Hypnosis Talent
What exactly is Hypnosis?
Positive and Negative Self-Hypnosis
Change Your Self-Image with PSH
How Do You Use Self-Hypnosis?
Pre-Hypnotic Suggestions
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
Here’s How To Create Your Suggestions
Self-Hypnosis Power Instantly
For Even More Effective Positive Self-Hypnosis

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