Speed Learning Secrets of NLP (Speed learning. Adapting to a changing world)

When you are in the classroom you get taught what to learn. You get used as a data dump for other people’s ideas about what’s important. Speed learning secrets is what they don’t teach you at school. This book will show you how to learn and how to remember more by teaching you how to use your whole brain.

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3 comments for “Speed Learning Secrets of NLP (Speed learning. Adapting to a changing world)

  1. Susan Thrasher
    December 18, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    Value for Money This is a quick and easy-to-read guide for using some basic NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to enhance your ability to think, read, learn, and retain information quickly and easily. Mike writes as if he’s talking directly to you, and packs in a variety of approaches, exercises, and examples that are quick and useful.On the downside, there seems to be a formatting glitch (or maybe it’s just me and my new Kindle)that puts the footer with title and page number not at the bottom of the page where it should be, but right in the middle of the text. So I’m reading along and hit things like “think NOW about when in 90 Speed Learning Secrets of NLP the future you’re going to show…”It’s also kind of amusing that the assumption seems to be that I’m reading a physical book, even though this is book is available electronically, so in the accelerated-reading section, for example, suggestions like “breaking the spine of the book” (my librarian mother is turning over in her grave!), “focussing” on the “blip page” between the two open pages of the book, and using the blank back pages of this book to practice mind-mapping absurdly ignores the fact that I’m reading an electronic copy on a small screen. As more and more material these days is being read on computers or electronic readers (or even phones), some of the tried-and-true rules for speed reading need altering.Still, there’s lots of useful information here, and for high school or university students who are struggling with reading and learning a lot of material quickly it offers some very practical advice. In spite of the hiccups, at 99c, this book is good value for money.

  2. Stephen Davies - HoustonFireSafety.net
    December 19, 2012 at 4:54 AM

    Best I’ve read In A Long Time… This book motivates me!Upon opening this book I thought I knew everything about NLP and how it affects learning and the potential of the mind. I have read countless books on NLP and had the preconceived belief that it was mainly used in therapeutic settings and that one needed to seek out a professional in order to get the maximum potential of what NLP can do for your life… Boy, was I in for a shock.This book opened my eyes to a whole new level of thinking and I encourage everyone who thinks they know NLP or speed-learning to read and use this excellent book. There were so many good things about this book, but what I really appreciate about it was the fact that it got me motivated. It is different from so many NLP books because there are some excellent real-life exercises that you can do to improve, not only your learning, but your self-belief that you are unteachable… at least for my case.After going through this book, I can see how this is going to help me with some of my own personal struggles with A.D.D. and other so called, “disabilities” that I thought I had my entire life… these beliefs that have been holding me back. I discovered that I was holding on to some of these beliefs my entire life because they were crutches and these crutches enabled me to stay in the same state of mind for over 30 years.The exercises are so easy to do, but if you follow the simple instructions in this book (and take notes like I did), you will find them extremely easy to do and before you know it, you’ll see a big improvement in your learning abilities.This book is more than just a new way to speed-read or how to overcome sluggish learning… to me, it’s a barrier-breaker! Again, I highly recommend this book to anyone who thinks that learning is boring or that they are incapable of going to the next level.

  3. Joanne Kaminski
    December 19, 2012 at 4:55 AM

    Reading Secrets Revealed As a reading specialist I appreciated learning a new way of reading. The techniques that are focused in this book really did help me with reading faster. We do not need to read word for word anymore.I love the questioning techniques that this book listed and I teach them to children when they are reading non-fiction books. The author did an outstanding job previewing the book, asking questions, and using the table of contents. I highly recommend that you read this book.

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