SyberVision Neuro-Muscular Programming for GOLF with Patty Sheehan (VHS TAPE & INSTRUCTION MANUAL)

(VHS Video and Instruction Manual) Sybervision golf with Patty Sheehan grooves the image and feeling of perfect golf form deep into your mind and body. You not only see golfing perfection repeated hundreds of times in vivid detail, you actually experience it. As you watch Sheehan demonstrate her master skills, your mind and body are programmed with the fundamentals of the classic golf swing. it’s as if she’s stepped out of your television set and into your body and swings the club for you…grooving golf perfection and consistency into your game. Every time the clubface impacts cleanly through the ball, you’ll feel the thrill of being a part of the action. You’ll experience the difficult to capture inner groove that’s the hallmark of the master golfer. On the course, the image of picture perfect golf is at your command. Your take away is smooth and slow…your shoulder turn fluid and natural…your timing impeccable. You drive the ball with pin point accuracy, straight and far. You’re playing the best golf of your life.

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