The HY Method – Hypnotize yourself and go for it

The HY method is a simple, effective and powerful system allowing anyone to perform self-hypnosis. “The HY Method – Hypnotize yourself and go for it” is a book for those who want to pursue a goal. Any goal: from losing weight, to quitting bad habits or improving your efficiency at work. You don’t need a professional in order to achieve your goals. The power is already within you. Self-hypnosis is reknown for being a quick and effective tool for reaching personal goals by activating your inner resources. It really works and it’s easy to learn. In “The HY Method – Hypnotize yourself and go for it”, written by an experienced hypnotherapist, hypnosis and self-hypnosis are explained from a neuroscientific point of view. The old “conscious-subconscious mind” model is reviewed and updated, giving life to the NSH model. The first part of this book explains how we perceive reality and for which reasons the wiring of our brain allows hypnosis. The second part explains the basic steps in hypnosis and gives both ready-to-use modular scripts and the techniques to write and record your own scripts. The QR codes along the pages provide quick links to demostrative videos. “The HY Method – Hypnotize yourself and go for it” is rich in techniques and tips anyone can use, for any goal in life. Once the techniques are mastered, they will easily become part of your mind set and become more and more fast and effective in time. You can hold the power within your hands and change your life. Go for it.

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1 comment for “The HY Method – Hypnotize yourself and go for it

  1. josh rissel
    September 24, 2013 at 12:49 PM

    Very Good! The author does a good job of explaining the reasons and processes that make this method work, and then offers scripts for you to try and tips on how to make your own scripts. The best part is that once I got to the scripts I found that they did work! It’s not magic, but it’s not rocket science either.

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